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Mets Aren't Expected to Trade for Ace During the Season

The New York Mets aren't expected to trade for this ace pitcher during the season.
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The New York Mets enter an interesting season after falling short of expectations in 2023. It was a disappointing year for a Mets fan base looking to return to the top, something they've struggled to do for the better half of the past few decades.

With the season approaching, the expectations are much different than they were a year ago. If New York finished with a 75-87 record like they did in 2023, it wouldn't be too surprising. 

There's talent on the roster but not enough to put any expectations on this team.

Everything points to Steve Cohen spending big in free agency next offseason. 

2024 can serve as a year that allows the front office to evaluate the talent already in the organization and go from there.

However, baseball is a crazy game full of uncertainties.

Genuinely, anything can happen in this beautiful game.

Tim Britton of The Athletic was asked if they would trade prospects for Dylan Cease if they were in contention heading into the deadline. It'd be surprising, but again, baseball is a strange game. Britton added what he believed would happen.

"If they're in that position, I'd probably expect them to make a few smaller moves (with smaller acquisition costs) than one big move for a pitcher like Cease."

Even thought the superstar pitcher would be a great addition to their roster, moving assets for him might not make the most sense for the Mets.

That's, however, if they're a fringe playoff team. 

If somehow they show to be one of the best teams in baseball during the first half of the season and are legit World Series contenders, it could make sense to make a move for him.

There's also the argument that landing Cease could help New York in contract talks.

If he comes to the Mets and loves the city, signing him to a contract extension could be easier than if they had to land him in free agency.

If New York is in a situation to make a decision like this, that means the season has gone much better than anyone could have expected.