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Could Ronald Guzmán Replicate Rangers' Nelson Cruz?

Could Ronald Guzmán be a late bloomer in the same way former Rangers standout Nelson Cruz once was?

It's always a great baseball story when a kid makes a huge and immediate leap to the bigs. But it's also a great baseball story when a player is a "late-bloomer'' and excels that way.

Nelson Cruz was once that guy for the Texas Rangers, busting out of a long stint in the minor leagues and then in 2009, at 28, hitting 33 home runs.

Ronald Guzmán, 26, could be that guy now.

“I just feel like a whole different player,'' Guzmán said recently, via

The timing for the Guzmán light bulb going on is just right, as he is out of minor-league options. He will either make the Rangers' Opening Day roster, or he'll be waived.

So far, so good, when it comes to his role in Texas. Right now, Guzmán has impressed thus far in camp, hearing praise from the coaching staff and front office. While he's normally a first baseman by trade, in Wednesday's Cactus League contest against the Los Angeles Angels, Guzman - who just so happens to have been mentored by Cruz - took a turn in left field.

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“I have learned that the more I have my head in baseball, the better I'm gonna feel and the more comfortable I am on the field,” said Guzmán, who won the Dominican League MVP, where he said, "something ... clicked.”

The K&C Masterpiece on 105.3 The Fan recently discussed Guzmán's potential this upcoming season. (Audio below.)

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