Detroit Honors Heroes from Past and Present

Genna Rose

All of Major League Baseball is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues' Founding. This centennial commemoration, which occurs on Sunday, honors both men and women who established the Negro Leagues and carry on the legacy within the sport today.  

Every single player, coach, and umpire throughout the league will wear a special patch designed by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to celebrate the centennial anniversary. Lineup cards and base jewels will also bear this meaningful tribute.

When asked about the centennial celebration, Tigers' right fielder Cameron Maybin shared, "It's huge that we continue to honor our history. The reason we're able to play the game is that I'm able to play the game that I am today because of their sacrifice... I think it's important we continue to pay homage to the history, and I'm honored to be back to be apart of this history."

Maybin found himself on the Injured List on July 31st from a strain on his right quadricep. The 33-year-old veteran returned Friday, making quite the splash. Maybin's solo home run in the bottom of the ninth against the Indians earned him the spot as one of nine Tigers who have hit homers in 3 separate decades. 

The Detroit Tigers planned special festivities to honor this anniversary, like holding their annual passing of the bat ceremony with native Detroiter Werner Blakely Junior, who was selected in the fourth round of the 2020 draft by the Angels. 

Along with the ceremony, there is a slew of activities planned, such as educational digital baseball cards of players from the Negro Leagues, a live stream event with Willie Horton African American Legacy Award winners, and much more. 

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Jason Ross Jr.
Jason Ross Jr.


Wonderfully done piece, Genna. This is always a fun and meaningful celebration for the game of baseball and the centennial anniversary makes it all the more special.