Sam's Sunday mailbag!

Sam Sherman

I'm going to try a weekly Sunday mailbag and you can ask me anything. It can be about the White Sox or just life in general. If you are so inclined, I'll try my best to answer life's most daunting questions, or how many pushups I think Luis Robert can do, it's your call.

Here is the first-ever edition of Sam's Sunday Mailbag, the name isn't official, so feel free to toss some ideas my way. 

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Luis Basabe, if you recall, was one of the lesser-known names the White Sox received in the Chris Sale trade all the way back in 2016. 

After struggling to stay healthy, and never finding consistency at the plate at various minor league levels, the White Sox finally closed the book on him on Sunday. Basabe was traded to the San Francisco Giants for everybody's favorite player, Cash Considerations. 

Considering he never quite hit his developmental stride, the White Sox were not likely to use his services at the major league level this season, or quite possibly next. He's only 23 years old, and if he can stay healthy, might be the perfect developmental prospect for a full-on rebuilding team like the Giants. 

I'll always remember this GORGEOUS home run he hit in the Futures Game a couple years ago. Seriously, it's one of the most beautiful blasts I've ever seen, and after you watch it once, you'll want to watch it over and over, it's so perfect. 

Now that he's no longer a part of the White Sox organization, Janice asks how long until he gets his sweet revenge against the team that finally cut ties with him. 

Well, the only way the Sox see the Giants this year would be in the World Series. I don't know if the Sox have a shot at the World Series this year, but taking a look at the Giants roster will tell you that it's not likely they'll be playing more than 60 games this year. I might end up being spectacularly wrong, and if I am, I owe a preemptive apology to the city of San Francisco. I love your city and I tried sea urchin for the first time there, and it was LOVELY! Also, if I didn't place enough hope in your squad, I'm a big idiot and was wrong. 

MLB laughingly released the 2021 schedule about a month ago, without even knowing if we'll all still be here next year. But in doing so, we see that the Sox won't be playing the Giants next year, either, so Basabe will more than likely have to wait until at least the 2022 season to earn his sweet revenge. 

This is kind of a lazy answer to Janice's question, because I'm only answering the question as far as technically when he would have an opportunity for revenge. The more exciting way to answer this question is to tell you that I have never been surer of anything in the entire world than telling you that if and when Basabe gets a chance to face the White Sox, he will unleash hell upon the South Siders. 

One of two things happen to players who move on from the Sox organization. 

1. They are never to be seen from again in the major leagues. 

2. They terrorize the White Sox in another uniform. 

Much like Avisaíl García's dominance against the White Sox since he's left the team, I have no doubt in my mind that Basabe will do the same. If he reaches the majors, he'll be the guy who hits, oh I don't know, maybe .400 against the White Sox, and about .232 against everyone else. 

I promise you this though, Sox fans: If Basabe succeeds elsewhere, it will sting a whole lot less than the daily hellish experience that has become seeing F******* T**** Jr. highlights every hour on the hour. 

This is a great question, Alexis.

If I had to be quarantined with one player on the White Sox, it would have to be Lucas Giolito. Two of his favorite shows are two of mine, Curb your Enthusiasm and Succession. My plan is simple: Every day Lucas and I would go hiking and every night we would order in and just binge both shows. I figure we'd watch about two episodes of each every night, enjoying our sushi, or burgers, or tacos, whatever Lucas wants is fine with me. Also, I don't hike, and don't have any interest hiking in general, but for some reason I think I'd really enjoy hikes with the Sox ace. We could discuss the episodes that we watched the night before, and maybe even our favorite Kanye albums. 

Additionally, throughout every single Giolito start, I get bombarded with texts from family and friends telling me how much they think I look like him. I take this as a compliment, but for the sake of being quarantined with him, this is where it could get weird. I know it's only two weeks, but there's a good chance one of use could go crazy. I would forget he was there, and think I was seeing myself, or the same could happen to him. Over time, this could drive us to a paranoid state of believing that our clones were trying to kill us, driving us to insanity. Because of this fear, we would grow to resent each other, who again, we believe to be our clones, and therefore resent ourselves.

I know this is some high-level stuff, but I told you I was going to try to answer these questions to the best of my ability. 

Oh, and my go-to coffee order? Hmm, I'm a big cold brew guy, but on a daily basis give me a hot coffee with a gallon of hazelnut creamer in there. I am a baby, and need lots of cream in my coffee. One day I will grow up, but today will not be that day! 

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I will close this week's mailbag with a question from Hangry FC, and it's a tough one. 

I love both of these foods, but right off the bat, I'll tell you my preference is Chicago pizza. I can't stand when people from Chicago get high and mighty about how Chicago pizza is overrated. Sorry, but being from Chicago and saying that Chicago pizza is bad is not a personality trait. Lots of Chicago pizza is overrated, but the right spots are simply divine. You can throw Uno, Due, Giordano's and Gino's East right in the trash. For deep dish, I could eat Pequod's every single day of my life and never get bored. I mean I would die at a much younger age than anticipated but YOLO LOLOLOLOLOL. 

For thin crust, I'll share the same spot I recommended to Luis Robert in our conversation last week. Jimmy's Pizza Cafe in Lincoln Square. It's far more NY than Chicago, but dammit it's the best thin crust in Chicago, and I'll gladly die on that hill. 

I'm sorry I didn't give more love to my friends in Wisconsin and their sexy encased meats, but if you're ever looking for a great spot for a brat in Milwaukee, check out The Vanguard. I dream about that meat. 

Thanks again to everyone who submitted questions this week. If I didn't get to yours this week, I'll get to it next week. Meanwhile, feel free to send more questions my way!

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