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Yankees Slugger Predicted to Sign Contract Worth More Than Shohei Ohtani's

Newly acquired New York Yankees star is predicted to sign a contract worth more than Shohei Ohtani's.
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The New York Yankees made the easy decision to trade for Juan Soto. Given the place this team was in, dealing for one of, if not, the best hitter in baseball, wasn't the toughest decision the Yankees have ever made.

New York has been searching for a superstar to pair with Aaron Judge and they did just that with Soto.

While trading for him was the easy part, it's now time for the organization to figure out a long-term deal. The left-handed slugger is represented by Scott Boras and won't take anything under the asking price. 

At least, historically, that's how Boras has worked.

It's possible that the front office has to hand him a contract that comes close to what Shohei Ohtani signed.

Ohtani's deal is worth $700 million over 10 seasons.

With Soto, the length of his contract could be a bit longer due to him being 25 years old.

Many believe he should land at least $550 million, with others believing it's going to be around $600-plus million.

Eli Ben-Porat of Baseball America predicts Soto will sign a 15-year, $701 million contract with the Yankees.

He writes that it's rare when New York doesn't keep free agents around, especially marquee ones. 

Given the type of player Soto is and what they traded to get him, re-signing him was certainly something they expected to do. The trade sent the San Diego Padres Michael King, Jhony Brito, Randy Vasquez, Drew Thorpe, and Kyle Higashioka.

It's uncertain when Soto will accept an extension or if the Yankees have offered anything at this point.

No matter what it costs, keeping him in the Bronx for his entire career is a must.