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Yankees Walked Away From Burnes Deal Because Brewers Wanted Top Prospect

It's been revealed why the New York Yankees didn't land Corbin Burnes.
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The New York Yankees have made some important moves this offseason to try and get their franchise back into contending status after a disastrous 2023 campaign.

Juan Soto was the major acquisition that brings another elite bat into this lineup. Marcus Stroman is a starting pitcher signing that should compliment Gerrit Cole and the others returning to health in 2024.

But the Yankees were still looking to land a high-profile player.

They had been rumored to be interested in Dylan Cease of the Chicago White Sox and Corbin Burnes of the Milwaukee Brewers throughout the winter.

Adding one of these starters would make their rotation one of the best in baseball.

Instead, it was New York's division rival Baltimore Orioles who landed the former Cy Young winner Burnes, making their chances to get back on top of the AL East much more difficult.

When looking at the trade package the Orioles gave the Brewers to land Burnes, many wondered why the Yankees didn't put together something similar.

Andy Martino of SNY confirmed that New York had interest in the right-handed ace, but at the time didn't know who what other players were being discussed in the deal that made them walk away.

"They did try to get Corbin Burnes and they were disappointed they didn't," he said on Baseball Night in New York. "I don't have the players, I don't have trade package that was discussed ... but I do know that the Yankees felt it was like 'whoa that's too much.'"

Well, according to MLB insider Jon Heyman, there was one specific player the Yankees didn't feel like parting with in this deal.

"My understanding is that Milwaukee, like the White Sox, wanted Spencer Jones," he said.

According to MLB Pipeline's 2023 rankings, Spencer Jones is the No. 1 overall prospect for New York.

The 22-year-old is a power-hitting lefty outfielder who slashed .267/.336/.444 with 16 home runs and 66 RBI at the High Single-A and Double-A levels in his first full season of professional baseball.

A package centered around Jones is probably what Martino was talking about when he said the Yankees felt like too much was being asked in return for Burnes.

New York already gave up some of their best players and prospects in the Soto deal and likely didn't want to trade away another elite youngster for another potential rental.