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Infamous Non-Drug-Related Scandals

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Black Sox scandal, 1919
Diego Maradona's World Cup goal, 1986
College basketball point-shaving scandal, late-1940s and early-50s
Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan saga, 1994
Pete Rose bets on baseball
Tim Donaghy
The Danny Almonte age scandal, 2001
Rosie Ruiz's Boston marathon win, 1980
Canadian and Russian figure skating pairs share gold, 2002
Minnesota basketball academic scandal, 1990s
New York Giants elaborate sign-stealing system, 1951
SMU football gets the "death penalty", 1987
Spain's Paralympics basketball team, 2000
Sammy Sosa's corked bat, 2003
The IOC strips Jim Thorpe of his Olympic medals, 1912
Albert Belle's corked bats, 1994
Soviet Union-USA gold medal game, 1972
Michael Waltrip's engine, 2007
Park Si Hun vs. Roy Jones Jr., 1988
The Bossard Family, Indians & White Sox groundskeepers, 1920s-present
Don Sutton's ball scuffing, 1966-88
Gaylord Perry's ball doctoring, 1962-1983
Florida State "free shoes" scandal, 1993
Joe Niekro's emery board, 1987
Brett Hull's skate, 1999