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Marisa Miller, ESPYs and more: Hot Clicks


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Miller Time -- Sorta

Marisa Miller :: Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

It was a busy night on both coasts yesterday. The ESPYs were held in L.A. Here are the best pictures from the red carpet arrivals, which featured plenty of attractive celebrities and big-name athletes. And here are some more. As for us, we attended two events in New York City, with mixed results. First, we hung out with Joba Chamberlain at an Xbox Live Game with Fame event. Tomorrow, we'll have a Q&A with Joba and video of him engaging in some heated trash talk while playing Guitar Hero: Aerosmith against his best friend. After that, we went to a party for Marisa Miller (apparently the SI Swimsuit cover model is a shoe designer). But because we're losers -- and because we have to wake up early to bring you Hot Clicks -- we bailed on the event at 10:30 p.m., before Miller even arrived. The picture above is from last night and shows just what we missed.

Naked Fan Follow Up

The fan who gave the SkyDome crowd a thrill last weekend has now spoken about the incident. (Thanks to Ryan, of Edmonton, for sending us the link.)

For News Purposes Only

We know a few people who'll get excited by the headline on this story: College Football Betting Lines Trickling Out.

NFL Network(s)

Jim Cramer, Joey Porter :: Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images; Michael O'Neill/SI

We often link to features that compare athletes to various things. But this offering from might be the most original one we've seen. It's matching up NFL players to television networks. For example, it says Joey Porter is CNBC because "like Jim Cramer, Joey loves to hear himself talk and generally leaves things worse than when he showed up."

Even If You Hated History Class, You'll Like This

With tennis player Ashley Harkleroad's edition of Playboynow on newsstands, Sports Stuff is looking back at the history of athletes who have posed for the magazine that most men buy for the articles. And don't worry. All links are SFW.

Random Links

David Wright's girlfriend -- wow. ... has photos commemorating the All-Time Claret Jug Make Out Sessions. ... The Sporting Blog stalked people throughout All-Star break. A lot. And then Keith Olbermanngot some revenge.

Dark Knight Links

SI Recommends

The reviews have been top notch. The hype is intense. And the bloggers are having fun. has put together a superhero All-Star team. ... The Blog of Hilarity breaks down the six villains least likely to appear in the next Batman movie. ... goes with NFL Wrong-Doers, Wackjobs and Weirdos Cast as Batman's Rogues.

Campus Clicks

Marg Helgenberger :: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Penn State students get treated to Crime Scene University ... Gators ticket prices go sky high ... Hawaii teams up with Budweiser ... Top 10 Annoying Things about Facebook ... Video: Life in Tempe.

Fantasy Football On Facebook will be offering a FREE fantasy football game on Facebook. Check it out here. And be sure to join our Facebook group for a look at some must-see volleyball pics.

Sports Video Of The Day

The editing job on this YouTube, titled "The Great Hambino" is damn impressive. (Thanks to Russ, of Brooklyn, N.Y., for sending us the link.)

Another Sports Video Of The Day

This Cleveland Indians fan pours his heart out in a song. And believe us, "pours his heart out" doesn't even begin to do his performance justice. (Thanks to Travis, of Cleveland, for sending us the link.)

Classic Video Of The Day

We honestly have no idea how to describe this next video, sent to us by Alan Hirsch, of Baltimore.

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