Wrapping up the Mets collapse: Hot Clicks

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Meet The Mess

Jennifer Lopez :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Since we're Yankees fans, we're not gonna kick the Mets fans while they're down and point out all the ridiculousness of Sunday's events (like, having Jennifer Lopez's husband, Marc Anthony sing the national anthem and Glenn Close sing God Bless America, or holding ceremonies for a building that's basically a dump AFTER the team chokes away a postseason berth for the second year in a row, and then trotting out players, such as Willie Mays and Yogi Berra, who are as much a part of Mets history as J-Lo). We'll let the bloggers handle all the Mets recap. First up, The Sports Hernia found a Mets fan who was not too happy after Florida took a 4-2 lead yesterday. Cuzoogle has the movie poster from the new flick about the Mets. And Miami fans are gloating.

More Best Catch Ever Talk

The videos keep coming, so let's get right to it. Adam Carlson, of Grand Rapids, Mich., and Brian, of Aiken, S.C., submitted Charles Woodson's interception against Michigan State. Michael, of Denton, Texas, thinks Oronde Gadsen should get consideration for this effort (sorry, YouTube took down the actual video). Jon Simpson, of Somerville, Mass., wants some love for Dartmouth's Andrew Hall (The best part of this clip is the guy doing play-by-play. He may sound familiar to Yankees fans.) Bill, of Clifton Park, N.Y., sends in a clip from an NFL replacement game.

It's Not December Yet, But...

InGameNow.com is already looking at the 10 Most Shocking Sporting Turn of Events in 2008.

Celebrations Gone Mad

Prince Fielder :: Getty Images, AP

These postgame celebrations are getting out of control. Above is a euphoric Prince Fielder after yesterday's Brewers win. Here is the Rays' Jonny Gomes celebrating the AL East title by drinking beer out of a cup -- and not a drinking cup.

Brett Favre Wasn't The Only Thing On Fire

Jets fans seem to have some trouble barbecuing before a game.

Random Links

Alyssa Milanorecently visited the St. Louis Cardinals. ... MouthPieceSports.com is holding a contest with the winner getting two tickets to a Cubs NLCS game. That's right, NLCS. Talk about tempting fate. ... David Ortizis auctioning off his bed, but nobody is bidding.

Springfield Sensations

EW.com ranks 16 GreatSimpsons Guest Voices.

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Campus Clicks

Georgia fans, grab some ice cream and forget about your team's crushing loss. :: Todd Kirkland/Icon SMI

Top Ten Ways To Cope With Your Team's Loss This Weekend ... GameDay Signs: Athens, Georgia ... 'Bama snubbed ... Groh's Facebook page ... Video: INT of the week.

Sports Video Of The Day

Last Thursday, we told you that Baron Davisis doing the Jenny Craig diet. Well, Davis has officially become a spokesperson for the company and via NationalLampoonsplog.com comes video of the press conference including a funny interview with Boom Dizzle. (Thanks to Scott, of Los Angeles, for the link.)

Wii Video Of The Day

Eddie Jados, of Manistee, Mich., writes "Jimmy, this video can serve as a public service announcement to all men who play the Wii with their girlfriends."

Bruno Video Of The Day

In case you missed it last week, Sascha Baron Cohen, as Bruno, invaded a fashion show.

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