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Restoring Boston Pride

Jimmy is out today and asked me to fill in. Frankly, he couldn't have picked a better day since, as a proud native of Framingham, Mass., I feel something needs to be done to cheer up Bostonians after yesterday's revelation about Big Papi and PEDs. Chances are good that Theo Epstein will provide solace for Sox fans today by trading for a superstar. Until then, however, let me introduce you to the hotness that is Hanover, Mass., native Nichole Hiltz. She's appeared in some episodes of CSI, The OC, The Shield, Desperate Housewives and currently stars in USA's In Plain Sight. I, however, recognize her from this incredible Stuff Magazine spread a few years ago. And if she's not enough Boston hotness for you, I offer Eliza Dushku, Alicia Witt or Maria Menounos. Either one should distract you from the abuse of your Red Sox-hating friends.

Nichole Hiltz :: Courtesy of Stuff

Fantasy Football Characters

Tomorrow marks the start of August and the fantasy football rush. We'll leave the projections to the Jay Clemons of the world, but the Mac Bros. really hit one out of the ballpark with this list of personalities at every fantasy football draft. We beg you not to be a Confusionist or Overachiever. But there's nothing wrong with being a Favorite-Team Guy -- how else will I justify taking Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Wes Welker in my first three rounds?

Terrible News Out of UCLA

One of our nation's greatest traditions -- UCLA's undie run -- has been canceled. Apparently the idea of 10,000 half-naked students frolicking about the school's campus was too much of a safety risk. All we have now are the memories -- and several awesome photo galleries of past undie runs such as this one, this one, this one and this one.

Seinfeld Reunion ... Sorta

Seinfeld cast :: Courtesy of HBO

Good news, Seinfeld fans. Curb Your Enthusiasm returns on Sept. 20, and this season's plot will find Larry trying to assemble a reunion of the hit show he helped create. Expect to not only see George, Elaine and Kramer, but also Newman, Kenny Bania and other characters who made the show so great. Let's just hope they can escape the wrath of Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who gave Jonah Hilla tongue lashing during the taping of a 'Curb' episode.

Worst Coaches

The Sporting News followed up their list of 50 greatest coaches with their choices for worst coaches ever. And yes, Isiah Thomas is involved.

Saved by the Bell Follow Up

Jimmy reported yesterday that Saved by the Bell cast has been reunited on the cover of People this week. Two things struck out at us about the story. One, Screech is MIA and as the magazine explains, he "is no longer close with the castmates." I'm guessing this has something to do with the porn he made a couple years back. Two, I am glad everyone is forgetting that terrible season with Tori, the biker chick who replaced Kelly Kapowski toward the end of the show's run.

Random Links

The story behind some of America's favorite cereals. ... The Bleacher Report has the five hottest cheerleader uniforms in sports. ... Not sure why, but a company has a line of human dog food. ... Another reason not to text while driving. ... Plaxico Burress has nothing on this guy.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Ryan Parker is back, and taking shots at Boston sports.

Nacho Cheese Art Video Of The Day

An impressive tribute to the fallen Taco Bell chihuahua. (Thanks to Matt Fair of Gulf Stream, Fla. for the link.)

Monkey Swimming Video Of The Day

Since you are wondering, monkeys do swim. Just not sure why someone would let them in a swimming pool.

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