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Hot Clicks: Tara Rava Zolnikov; Gary Dell'Abate Week 2 NFL picks

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Last week we launched an NFL picks contest in which I'll go head-to-head with a celebrity each Friday. Redskins tight end Chris Cooleykicked things off in Week 1 and we both finished 8-8. So I'm calling it a win for Cooley.

The Hot Clicks Celebrity NFL Picks Contest

Gary Dell'Abate :: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

As for this week, I'll be going against Gary Dell'Abate (aka, Baba Booey), who is not only the producer of The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM, but now an author.

Gary's Picks: Minnesota, Green Bay, Dallas, Kansas City, Tennessee, Baltimore, Carolina, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, Oakland, New England, San Diego, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans

Jimmy's Picks: Miami, Green Bay, Dallas, Kansas City, Tennessee, Baltimore, Carolina, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland, New England, San Diego, Washington, Indianapolis, New Orleans

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Fun Week 2 Odds

* How many times will Archie Manning be shown on the live broadcast of the Sunday Night Football game between the Giants and Colts?
Over/Under 1.5

* Alex Barron: Total Penalties Week 2 vs. Chicago?
Over/Under 1

* Arian Foster: Will he rush for 200 yards or more again in the 2010 NFL Regular Season?
Yes 8/1
No 1/16

* Will Mark Sanchez be the starter for every game that he is active for in the 2010 NFL Regular Season?
Yes -200
No +150

With Notre Dame visiting Michigan State Saturday night, some readers have requested that I post this epic radio rant from a Michigan host that took place after the Fighting Irish came back to beat the Spartans in 2006. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Blast From The Past

This e-mail landed in my inbox recently: "Dear Jimmy, Not to boast and say that I'm a Lovely Lady, but how does one become the Lovely Lady of the Day? :) I am a swimsuit model as well as a Harvard graduate student focusing on Integrative Molecular Physiology under the umbrella of Environmental Health; I've spearheaded and collaborated with experts regarding many public health ventures across the world. Would I be someone that you would be interested in featuring? I know the Harvard School of Public Health would love it! Sincerely, Tara." Well, how can I disappoint the Harvard School of Public Health? Therefore, today's LLOD isTara Rava Zolnikov.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Tara Rava Zolnikov :: Jim Merrill, JMT Photography

Ethan Liebzeit, of Las Vegas, sends the link to a very amusing Clay Matthews T-shirt. ... This interview with Kyle Chandler is a must watch for any Friday Night Lights fan. ... This story from The Onion on Drew Brees will make you laugh.

Random Links

You MUST check out the name of this academic advisor.

I Wonder What Her Nickname Is?

Brian Olson, of Minnesota, says, "I rarely ask for things like this but a good friend of mine has decided to start a 'wellness journey' and is attempting to get on Biggest Loser. If accepted, he would be the show's largest contestant at 561 pounds. To support his cause, we started a Facebook page called Team Will Power and it now has over 1,500 supporters. Will and his partner (it's couples-only for the season he is applying for, so they asked for him to find a partner) attended the Minnesota State Fair casting call last Saturday, and they made top 10 in the state. Their next step is to create another video together. He is extremely active in the community and we believe getting him on the show will save his life. Even if he doesn't get accepted, we believe the tremendous amount of support he has behind him will assist him in getting well. Those interested can support Team Will Power by hitting "like" on the Team Will Power page here . People can also follow Team Will Power here." I'm posting this for two important reasons. One, if this can help Brian's friend get healthier, we should all help. Two, Brian has special ties to Hot Clicks. He first tipped us on to Olympic javelin thrower, Leryn Franco in 2008.

E-Mail Of The Day

I didn't see the movie The Happening (what do you expect, it was made by M. Night Shyamalan), but this video of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson tearing up Notre Dame is still great.

Sports Video Of The Day has compiled the best outtakes and bloopers from Jeopardy! Here is one.

Jeopardy! Video Of The Day