Hot Clicks: Yvonne Strahovski; DeAngelo Hall wants wants refereer fired

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In case you missed the field-goal fest in Dallas last night, the Cowboys rallied for a late 18-16 win against the Redskins. One of the key factors was a 15-yard facemask penalty on Washington defensive back DeAngelo Hall. (Hall didn't like the call and wants the ref to lose his job.) The best part about the penalty was the call from (I assume) Dallas radio announcers, who went all homer on the call, thanking Hall for the penalty. (Just for the record, I'm not ripping the announcers for being homers. Pretty much every local announcer is a homer. I find it funny, not offensive.)

"Thanks, DeAngelo"

DeAngelo Hall, Dez Bryant :: AP

Tim Wilkinson, of Allentown, Pa., says, "Every year, thousands of high schools and colleges work to rid their campuses of hazing practices. Many of these acts are physically and emotionally damaging. One of favorite excuses is "pro sports teams do it." As a publication that prides itself on responsibility and ethical standards, when is SI going to stop glorifying acts of hazing?"

Tim, the answer is quite simple. There is a slight difference between making someone get dressed up in a ridiculous outfit and sodomy/sexual assault/etc., which seem to be the practice of many high school and college teams. We don't highlight those things. We do highlight the ridiculous outfits. Having said that, here is a hazing photo that makes me proud. The Yankees made their youngsters dress up as '80s pop stars. Meanwhile, the Red Sox had rookie shortstop Jose Iglesias dress up as some kind of S&M hooker. The Royals had Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakasplay the Ace and Gary characters from Saturday Night Live. And the Cubs, well, let's just say one member of the Cubs had to dress up as the male organ.

In A Haze

NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes got a little frisky while discussing the Michael Vick hand injury, and wanted to do a demonstration in which his co-star took a snap from him. The only problem was that his co-star was a female. And her reaction to Dukes bending over was tremendous.

Awkward Moment Of The Day

Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski is on the cover of the new issue of Maxim. There's a pictorial, too.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Yvonne Strahovski :: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This fan casually drops his young daughter while attempting to catch a foul ball. The death stare afterwards by the mother is priceless.

Calling Child Services...

Scott Porter, who played Jason Street on Friday Night Lights and stars in the new CW show, Heart of Dixie with Rachel Bilson, joined me on the latest edition of the Hot Clicks podcast. In addition to discussing those two shows, Porter beatboxed (he started beatboxing at age 7), reminisced about playing high school football with some NFL stars, talked about his love of Nebraska football, explained what it's like to be in a fantasy football league with his girlfriend, and told a Derek Jeter-Minka Kelly story and more.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

During last night's Yankees-Rays game in Tampa, the Red Sox score wasn't always shown on the stadium scoreboard. So this creative fan decided to update the crowd via a dry erase board.

Sports Video Of The Day

This really isn't the Jimmy Kimmel Video of the Day. It's the Erin Andrews Video of the Day. Everyone's favorite sideline reporter brought her "A" game to the late-night show on Monday. (You can watch Part 2 here.)

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day