Sorting out the still-muddy national championship race, Muppet-style

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After all that serious talk about The Game of the Century -- we still prefer FOOTBALLPOCALYPSE here -- it's time to lighten the mood. Last week's Entertainment Weekly cover brought back memories of watching a worn-out VHS copy of The Muppet Movie again and again and again even though I was too young to appreciate the cameos by Bob Hope, Richard Pryor and Milton Berle. Thanks to the guy who showed us way too much in Forgetting Sarah Marshall the Muppets will return to the silver screen later this month.

By the time the movie arrives Nov. 23, we should have a better idea of the national title picture. We thought we would have a clearer picture this week, but an overtime game between last week's No. 1 and No. 2 only muddied things more. Someday the lovers, the dreamers and Les Miles will find the Playoff Connection, but until then, the best we can do is try to sort things out, Muppet-style. (Note: The term "Muppet" also refers to Sesame Street characters and Fraggles. Jim Henson would have wanted it this way.)

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