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Hot Clicks: Video of Joe Girardi screaming at heckler; Lucy Pinder

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In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, we featured a tweet by Amanda McCarthy, the wife of A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy. The tweet said, "Hey @mlb, Extenze is offering a two week free trial that I want to get @BMcCarthy32... That's cool with the PED rules, right?" In a stunning development, one podcaster actually thought Amanda was being serious. The podcaster actually ripped the McCarthy's and suggested among other things:

1. Brandon divorce Amanda, ASAP.

2. Amanda really wanted to take advantage of the two-week free trial. (As if the McCarthy's couldn't afford the Extenze on Brandon's $4 million salary).

3. Amanda was trying to "spice things up" with her desire to get her husband Extenze.

4. Brandon wouldn't be able to show his face in the A's locker room after the tweet.

Let me repeat, the podcaster was being 100 percent serious. As for the picture above, I figured the podcaster would enjoy the symbolism of Brandon with a decapitated wife.

When People Can't Take A Joke...

Brandon McCarthy :: Yucky Taguchi/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Here's the story and video of a burglar who broke into Safeco Field's team store to steal 16 Ichiro jerseys.

But They Were Already Discounted...

The Phillies held "'90s Night" on Wednesday. They showed members of the team on the scoreboard in various '90's settings, and the link is worth checking out just to see manager Charlie Manuel as Wilson from Home Improvement.

Blasts From The Past

It's been a long time since we've checked in with English model Lucy Pinder, a Hot Clicks Nation favorite. Fortunately for us, she went to a movie premiere last night and looks as good as ever.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Lucy Pinder :: Mike Marsland/Getty Images

A high school football public announcer in Florida was fired after 12 years on the job because he was spotted in the stands cheering on a rival school during the playoffs.

Ridiculous Story Of The Day

This is what happens when your team gets swept. Yankees manager Joe Girardi was heckled last night during his postgame press conference, so he went off on the guy and told him to shut up.

Sports Video Of The Day

My fellow New Yorkers have not made me proud here, as they fell hard for the "fake celebrity" stunt. (Thanks to Landon Rivers, of San Diego, and Turner, of Jackson, Miss., for the video.)

Prank Video Of The Day

If you haven't heard, Avril Lavigne is engaged from the guy in Nickelback. This "report" fills you in on the important details surrounding the news.

Taiwanese Animation Video Of The Day