Daily Jolt: Rick Adelman to leave Timberwolves' post?

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Friday, March 22

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Adelman may leave Timberwolves' post

Minnesota's has been a trying season, but its record may have little to do with coach Rick Adelman's future. [Adelman], after twice contemplating quitting this season, may resign in the summer if his wife continues to have health issues, he told NBA.com on Thursday. Adelman left the team for three weeks -- 11 games -- January. "They've been terrific with everything," he said of management, as wife Mary Kay was hospitalized and doctors tried to determine the cause of seizures. Now, clearly worn down by difficult months on the personal front and a challenging season on the court as the Timberwolves drown in a flurry of injuries, he admitted, "there's a couple times I really struggled whether I should come back." He later added: "I'm sure I'll be thinking more about it as we move on here (through the season)." (NBA.com)Comment

Giants' Wilson blasts 'stupid' rule

Add David Wilson to the list of critics taking aim on the new crown rule. [Wilson] had watched his YouTube highlights before. But never like this. During a quiet moment at Boost Mobile's "Shrink Hunger" community event on Thursday in Harlem, the Giants' running back huddled over his smartphone, staring at his running form, focused on the position of his helmet. All of this because of a new NFL rule change that Wilson said was "stupid." ... It's a regulation aimed at player safety, but to Wilson, it makes no sense. "It's stupid," he told the Daily News. "Runners, when you run, you're automatically tilted. Even a track runner, when they cross the finish line, the first thing there is their head. ... It's a stupid rule." (New York Daily News)Comment

End of Smart era at Oklahoma State?

After bowing out of the big dance, both Marcus Smart's hand and pride hurt. Smart sported an icepack atop his injured wrist and the burden of responsibility atop his wide shoulders. His Cowboys had just lost 68-55 to Oregon in an NCAA tournament game Thursday that in all likelihood was his OSU adieu. And Smart, who played bold, if not well, blamed himself. "I definitely wish I could have done more for my team," Smart said. "I feel like I let my team down." ... The Cowboy point guard surely is headed for the NBA. I hope he stays, because OSU hoops is a lot more fun with players like him. But all great players these days go pro at first chance. Which would mean the Smart Era era ended just like it came. (The Oklahoman)Comment

Must-See Photo

The first day of the NCAA tournament was short on upsets -- until Harvard played New Mexico in the nightcap. Siyani Chambers (1) and the Crimson toppled the heavily favored Lobos, 68-62. (Harry How/Getty Images)

Must-See Video

Though the NCAA tournament drew most of the attention on Thursday, Nate Robinson made sure to turn some heads. The Bulls' diminutive guard threw down a vicious dunk in a 99-89 loss to the Trail Blazers.

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Wisconsin (5) vs. Ole Miss (12), 12:40 p.m. ET

  1. Wisconsin Badgers
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SI Vault: Muhammad Ali

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  • 1967 -- Muhammad Ali knocks out Zora Folley in the seventh round to retain his world heavyweight boxing title.
  • 1994 -- The NFL announces the addition of the two-point conversion, marking the league's first scoring change in 75 years.
  • 2007 -- Kobe Bryant scores 60 points in the Lakers' win over the Memphis Grizzlies to become the fourth player in NBA history to score at least 50 points in three consecutive games.
  • 2011 -- NFL owners vote to make all scoring plays reviewable by the replay official and the referee.