September 17, 2012

For our second annual Twitter 100, we once again polled Sports llustrated staffers who are hard-core Twitter users (they are among the 140 million active on the service) and asked them which feeds they considered essential to their daily routine for finding news, information and entertainment from the sports world. We received hundreds of worthy suggestions but eventually whittled down the list to our Top 100, presented in alphabetical order. The list intentionally does not include any members of SI but we encourage you to follow SI's staffers here as well as our main feed (@SINOW).

    1. J.A. Adande
    2. J.A. Adande
    3. columnist, Around the Horn staffer

    A feed with a West Coast vibe: Adande will keep you wired about all things Kobe and Dwight Howard.

    1. David Aldridge
    2. David Aldridge
    3. and TNT reporter

    The thoughtful TNT/ reporter is a must-follow for NBA fans.

    1. Tony Allen
    2. Tony Allen
    3. Memphis Grizzlies guard

    The prolific, eccentric, exclamation-point-loving tweet machine provides hilarious 140-character updates on his life.

    Sample tweet: "1st rule of thumb / if u listen u can Learn!! It ain't chinese algebra!!!"

    1. Josina Anderson
    2. Josina Anderson
    3. ESPN NFL reporter

    Anderson fuses football information with amusing glimpses into her life.

    Sample tweet: "So one has coughed or yawned on me on this plane. #TheLittleThings"

    1. Bruce Arthur
    2. Bruce Arthur
    3. National Post sports columnist

    The terrific Toronto-based scribe opines on everything from sports to politics.

    1. ASAP Sports
    2. ASAP Sports
    3. Producer of press conference transcripts

    The official word from sports press conferences and interviews around the world.

    1. Paul Azinger
    2. Paul Azinger
    3. PGA golfer

    The 12-time PGA Tour winner isn't afraid to tweet what's on his mind in golf and beyond.

    Sample tweet: "Name all things you CAN'T do while texting. Obviously driving a car's not one of them. #Epidemic"

    1. Guillem Balague
    2. Guillem Balague
    3. Sky Sports soccer commentator

    Balague tweets (sometimes in Spanish) about international soccer and provides sharp commentary during games.

    1. Judy Battista
    2. Judy Battista
    3. New York Times NFL writer

    The quick-witted and sharp-tweeting reporter covers all things NFL for The Gray Lady.

    Sample tweet: "It's going to be a race among players, coaches and reporters to leap joyfully into Ed Hochuli's arms when the regular officials return."

    1. Ken Berger
    2. Ken Berger
    3. NBA writer

    Berger is a one-stop shop for NBA-related content, from transactions to trade rumors.

    1. Matthew Berry
    2. Matthew Berry
    3. ESPN fantasy sports analyst

    Need help deciding who to sit or start on your fantasy team? Consult "The Talented Mr. Roto."

    1. Jay Bilas
    2. Jay Bilas
    3. ESPN college basketball analyst

    His strong, unfiltered opinions and topical humor make him a smart follow. But will he ever follow anyone?

    Sample tweet: "You see me standin' here, like a chandelier, Gangsta of the Year, sippin' Belvedere. I gotta go to work."

    1. Paul Bissonnette
    2. Paul Bissonnette
    3. Phoenix Coyotes forward

    Always up to something -- whether it's partying, tweeting hilarious pictures of himself or making snarky comments about the NHL.

    Sample tweet: "The Stanley Cup makes the Lombardi trophy look like a red headed step child. #NHL"

    1. Ato Boldon
    2. Ato Boldon
    3. NBC Olympics/Track analyst

    Television's best track and field commentator brings Usain Bolt-like flair on Twitter.

    Sample tweet: "The Vatican invitation to Bolt shouldn't surprise you many times have you seen him make the sign of the cross pre-race?They noticed."

    1. Boxing Scene
    2. Boxing Scene
    3. Boxing news, coverage and opinion

    The Twitter feed of will keep you updated on the sweet science.

    1. Andrew Brandt
    2. Andrew Brandt
    3. ESPN NFL business analyst

    The former cap guy for the Packers is a great source for the business of the NFL.

    1. Tim Burke
    2. Tim Burke
    3. Deadspin editor

    If you do something crazy on video, Deadspin's sharp-as-a-tack video guru will find it.

    Sample tweet: "Trent Dilfer is the ugly person they sent to stand next to Berman in order to make him prettier."

    1. Jose Canseco
    2. Jose Canseco
    3. Retired baseball player

    A never-ending funhouse of unexpected and surreal tweets. He recently told followers that time travel can exist.

    Sample tweet: "U all miss me right? I complete you."

    1. Greg Cosell
    2. Greg Cosell
    3. NFL Films senior producer

    The NFL's wonk's wonk -- and a favorite of SI's Peter's King -- Cosell provides great NFL analysis.

    Sample tweet: "As with all positions, I feel you can isolate skill sets + evaluate based on attributes. Not an exact science, but that's been my approach."

    1. Mark Cuban
    2. Mark Cuban
    3. Dallas Mavericks owner

    It's always fun when Cuban, one of the most accessible owners in pro sports, retweets Twitter hate directed at him.

    Sample tweet: "Great move by espn having steve javie on explaining calls. Have him during games. Skip bayless discussing 2 yr old knows more."

    1. Draft Express
    2. Draft Express
    3. NBA Draft website

    Site founder and editor Jonathan Givony has a great feed for player updates and projections.

    1. Joe Drape
    2. Joe Drape
    3. New York Times sportswriter

    If you love horse racing, follow Drape. He's been known to tweet out the Kentucky Derby winner.

    1. Darren Dreger
    2. Darren Dreger
    3. TSN hockey analyst

    You are not following the NHL if you are not following Dreger, as wired as it gets on the NHL.

    1. Kevin Durant
    2. Kevin Durant
    3. Oklahoma City Thunder forward

    Durant keeps his nearly three million followers updated on his life on and off the court.

    Sample tweet: "So if you think a young lady looks nice your considered thirsty?? Absurd"

    1. Kelly Dwyer
    2. Kelly Dwyer
    3. Yahoo! Sports NBA blogger

    The editor of Yahoo!'s "Ball Don't Lie" blog tweets plenty of interesting NBA news.

    1. ESPN Stats & Info
    2. ESPN Stats & Info
    3. Stats and information

    That cool stat you heard on ESPN? Well, it probably comes from this group.

    1. Bob Estes
    2. Bob Estes
    3. PGA golfer

    The four-time PGA Tour winner has a great sense of humor, and responds often to followers.

    Sample tweet: "What a difference a week makes--firm fairways & greens last week, soft fairways & greens this week. As usual, one good rain was all it took."

    1. Every Day Should Be Saturday
    2. Every Day Should Be Saturday
    3. College football commentary

    A look at college football with an irreverent bent, and a must-follow on Saturdays.

    Sample tweet: "I'm not even really sure what happened, but tonight I love big dumb Will Muschamp football."

    1. Bruce Feldman
    2. Bruce Feldman
    3. CBS Sports columnist/commentator

    A combination of analysis and news-breaking on all things college football.

    1. Gabe Feldman
    2. Gabe Feldman
    3. Director of Tulane Sports Law program

    One of the country's premier sports law voices and a great source of legal sports news.

    Sample tweet: "Most students' dream sports law job when I was in law school? Agent. Today? GM. Jerry Maguire era is over. Billy Beane era in full swing."

    1. Pat Forde
    2. Pat Forde
    3. Yahoo! Sports columnist

    Formerly of ESPN, Forde is a great resource on college basketball and football.

    1. Arian Foster
    2. Arian Foster
    3. Houston Texans running back

    The eccentric Pro Bowl running back describes himself on Twitter as "an aspiring human being."

    Sample tweet: "It'd be cool if 'quantum physics' was trending."

    1. A.J. Francis
    2. A.J. Francis
    3. University of Maryland defensive lineman

    The Terp entertainingly dishes on college football and college life.

    Sample tweet: "People be telling their life stories in the first day of class introductions... Say your name, hometown, specializtion and keep it moving!"

    1. Jay Glazer
    2. Jay Glazer
    3. Fox NFL reporter

    The Subway-loving, MMA-fighting newshound is one of the NFL's biggest news-breakers.

    1. Jeff Gluck
    2. Jeff Gluck
    3. motorsports editor

    A seemingly 24-hour presence in the NASCAR world.

    Sample tweet: "More rain. Fans putting jackets back on. Except one guy who took shirt off and has hands to sky like in Shawshank Redemption."

    1. Jeff Goodman
    2. Jeff Goodman
    3. senior basketball writer

    Goodman delivers quality information and reporting on college basketball.

    1. Kevin Harvick
    2. Kevin Harvick
    3. NASCAR driver

    The driver of the No. 29 Chevrolet in the Sprint Cup Series has fast taken to Twitter.

    Sample tweet: "Interstate 77 north shut down we have gone 2 miles in 30 minutes on a side road.. Only good news is we are going too slow to hit anything."

    1. Ariel Helwani
    2. Ariel Helwani
    3. Writer for and FUEL TV

    One of the premier MMA voices in social media.

    Sample tweet: "They just announced Arlovski as 'the world heavyweight champion.' Which world are they talking about?"

    1. Ray Hudson
    2. Ray Hudson
    3. Soccer commentator

    The fantastic soccer analyst tweets out verbal gymnastics such as "Giovinco is as cool as James Bond in a white tuxedo on that goal!!"

    1. Andre Iguodala
    2. Andre Iguodala
    3. Denver Nuggets forward

    Iguodola has a great sense of humor and tweets out amusing photos from his life.

    Sample tweet: "The moment you realize it's Sunday when u pull up to chick Fil A drive thru..."

    1. Kevin Iole
    2. Kevin Iole
    3. Yahoo! Sports MMA/Boxing columnist

    The veteran journalist is one of the foremost reporters for boxing and MMA news.

    1. Jim Irsay
    2. Jim Irsay
    3. Indianapolis Colts owner

    The NFL owner drops philosophical gems such as, "Rulers make bad lovers..better put your kingdom, up for sale....."

    1. Daniel Jeremiah
    2. Daniel Jeremiah
    3. and NFL Network analyst

    Jeremiah, a former scout for the Ravens, Browns and Eagles, delivers boots-on-the-ground insight.

    1. Lolo Jones
    2. Lolo Jones
    3. U.S. Olympic hurdler

    Whether the topic is speed dating or her speed on the track, Lolo never disappoints on Twitter.

    Sample tweet: "29. Unmarried. The longer I'm single, the more I ponder, has the demand for green cards dropped??"

    1. Nate Jones
    2. Nate Jones
    3. Digital media and pro athlete marketing for Goodwin Sports Mgmt.

    A fun and obsessive tweeter (more than 70,000 since he joined) on all things basketball.

    Sample tweet: "What value is a 'free' college education to the guy that was in bad schools and just got passed so he can hoop?"

    1. Andy Katz
    2. Andy Katz
    3. ESPN college basketball reporter

    One of the preeminent voices in his sport, Katz often breaks news and is a great follow for college basketball fans.

    1. Oliver Kay
    2. Oliver Kay
    3. Chief football correspondent for The Times (U.K.) newspaper

    For news on the Premier League and international soccer, Kay is a solid resource.

    1. Christina Kim
    2. Christina Kim
    3. LPGA golfer

    Funny, honest commentary through the eyes of a professional golfer.

    Sample tweet: "Hopefully my putts will allez au chateau demain. That's Franglish to you all. I think."

    1. Los Angeles Kings
    2. Los Angeles Kings
    3. NHL team

    The feed of the 2012 Stanley Cup champs draws rightful praise for its creativity and connectivity with fans.

    Sample tweet: "SPOILER ALERT - Our Stanley Cup Champs film may have the greatest ending in the history of cinema."

    1. Chris Kluwe
    2. Chris Kluwe
    3. Minnesota Vikings punter

    Whether taking on the issue of gay marriage or the NFL replacement refs, Kluwe might be the boldest pro athlete on Twitter.

    Sample tweet: "Every time a politician 'misspeaks,' you can be 100% certain that it was one of the most honest things they've ever said about who they are."

    1. Kevin Love
    2. Kevin Love
    3. Minnesota Timberwolves forward

    Love's feed combines honesty, a great sense of humor and cool photos.

    Sample tweet: "They need the WWE Royal Rumble in the Olympics. Would have been very fitting to have had it in #London2012"

    1. Paige Mackenzie
    2. Paige Mackenzie
    3. LPGA golfer

    Mackenzie provides great tweets about her life on the LPGA Tour.

    Sample tweet: "Overheard: 'I'm single. I call it playing the field, you might call it trying to find prostitutes.' #ToEachHisOwn."

    1. Floyd Mayweather
    2. Floyd Mayweather
    3. Boxer

    You want to know what the Money Life is like? Well, Floyd provides.

    Sample tweet: "Write Floyd a letter. Send it to: ID# 01363917, Clark County Detention Center, 330 S. Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101."

    1. Brandon McCarthy
    2. Brandon McCarthy
    3. Oakland A's pitcher

    As an added bonus, follow his wife, Amanda (@Mrs_McCarthy32), as the two often tweet at each other.


    1. Graeme McDowell
    2. Graeme McDowell
    3. PGA golfer

    A devoted tweeter who interacts often with his 380,000+ followers.

    Sample tweet: "How come you scrub your teeth like never before and dig out the floss, right before heading to dentist for cleaning/check-up?!#factsoflife."

    1. JaVale McGee
    2. JaVale McGee
    3. Denver Nuggets center

    His Twitter bio? "I RT myself cuz what i say is that important!" He also tweets as Pierre, his "alter ego." Look for his feed to heat up during the NBA season.

    Sample tweet: "White church's service is always shorter then black church's ! I used to fall asleep on my mama every Sunday!"

    1. Jason McIntyre
    2. Jason McIntyre
    3. Editor of The Big Lead website

    Sports media musings, pop culture and plenty of sky-is-falling tweets about the Jets.

    1. Bob McKenzie
    2. Bob McKenzie
    3. TSN Hockey analyst

    His Twitter bio speaks the truth: He is the hockey insider.

    1. Brett McMurphy
    2. Brett McMurphy
    3. ESPN college football reporter

    Like Bruce Feldman and others, the terrific reporter is a must-follow for college football fans.

    1. The Mid-Majority
    2. The Mid-Majority
    3. College basketball blog

    The message statement: "We proudly feature the other 24 college basketball conferences."

    1. MLB Trade Rumors
    2. MLB Trade Rumors
    3. Baseball news

    If there's a transaction in baseball, the official Twitter account for will have it.

    1. Buster Olney
    2. Buster Olney
    3. ESPN MLB analyst

    If you are a fan of baseball, Olney should be your next follow.

    1. Dana O'Neil
    2. Dana O'Neil
    3. ESPN college basketball writer

    A terrific writer who will keep you updated on all things hoops.

    1. Onion Sports Network
    2. Onion Sports Network
    3. Sports satire

    An irreverent, and usually hilarious, look at the wild world of sports. Just don't take anything it says too seriously.

    Sample tweet: "Alabama Crowd Repeatedly Spells 'SEC' Incorrectly During Celebratory Chant."

    1. John Ourand
    2. John Ourand
    3. Sports Business Journal reporter

    One of the many terrific reporters -- Ourand specializes in media -- at the respected trade publication (@SBJSBD).

    1. Outsports
    2. Outsports
    3. Sports news and information

    The premier source for gay sports news, photos and videos.

    1. Gary Parrish
    2. Gary Parrish
    3. college basketball columnist

    Along with colleague Jeff Goodman, he's one of the best on the beat.

    1. Brandon Phillips
    2. Brandon Phillips
    3. Cincinnati Reds second baseman

    An affable tweeter whose feed is filled with tons of photos of Phillips posing with fans.

    Sample tweet: "GoodDay #Cincinnati... Today we host those @Pirates for a 3 game series at #GABP! Its time to turn these 'Losing Only Pies' to#WINNING Pies."

    1. Bob Pockrass
    2. Bob Pockrass
    3. The Sporting News NASCAR writer

    One of NASCAR's most respected reporters; he's been writing about the sport since 1992.

    1. Pro Football Focus
    2. Pro Football Focus
    3. NFL stats and analysis

    Player ratings, positional rankings, injury updates and very advanced statistics.

    1. Pro Football Talk
    2. Pro Football Talk
    3. NFL website

    The feed churns out links from PFT, one of the most plugged-in NFL sites on the web.

    1. Dan Rafael
    2. Dan Rafael
    3. boxing writer and television commentator

    ESPN's boxing guru delivers monthly pound-for-pound rankings and daily boxing news.

    1. Ken Rosenthal
    2. Ken Rosenthal
    3. Fox Sports senior baseball writer and on-air reporter

    The respected Rosenthal breaks plenty of baseball stories.

    1. Jim Ross
    2. Jim Ross
    3. Legendary WWE broadcaster

    Unplugged commentary on pro wrestling, MMA and yes, barbeque sauce.

    Sample tweet: "RIP Michael Clarke Duncan...a great wrestling fan..respectful..SO talented. The big fella will be missed. Loved seeing him @ ringside.@WWE"

    1. Ronda Rousey
    2. Ronda Rousey
    3. MMA fighter

    Rousey tweets like she fights -- with serious intensity.

    Sample tweet: "Just saw a one-eyed cocker spaniel trying to hump another dog - I would make a joke but... #tooeasy"

    1. Darren Rovell
    2. Darren Rovell
    3. ESPN sports business analyst

    The sports business tweet machine provides plenty of interesting data.

    Sample Tweet: "Winner of the most savvy small school award: Arkansas State. Got $950K to play Oregon and will get $1M from Nebraska."

    1. Rush the Court
    2. Rush the Court
    3. College basketball news

    If it's happening in college basketball, this feed will have a take on it.

    1. Adam Schefter
    2. Adam Schefter
    3. ESPN NFL reporter

    The NFL insider is a transaction machine. Does he ever sleep?

    1. Michael Signora
    2. Michael Signora
    3. NFL Vice President of Football Communications

    The NFL's VP of football communications -- a mega-stathound -- is a great follow on NFL game days.

    1. Bill Simmons
    2. Bill Simmons
    3. editor-in-chief and columnist

    ESPN's online majordomo drops commentary, podcast links and one-liners to his more than 1.8 million followers.

    Sample tweet: "Just heard an all-kids band play 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' at an outdoor carnival. We were one female kid stripper away from the apocalypse."

    1. Jason Sobel
    2. Jason Sobel
    3. senior writer

    Covers everything in golf -- and does it with a great sense of humor.

    1. Soccer by Ives
    2. Soccer by Ives
    3. Soccer analysis

    The American soccer journalist Ives Galarcep blankets the beautiful game with Messi-like flair.

    1. Emma Span
    2. Emma Span
    3. Sports on Earth writer/editor

    Funny and passionate tweets about baseball (and most everything else) from the Brooklyn-based writer.

    Sample tweet: "First time in a locker room in at least four years. It turns out the advent of smart phones has made this roughly 200% less awkward."

    1. Marc J. Spears
    2. Marc J. Spears
    3. Yahoo! NBA reporter

    One of your essential NBA follows -- a great source of NBA news, commentary and transactions.

    1. Sports Quotes
    2. Sports Quotes
    3. Famous sports quotes

    The best quotes from the greatest athletes.

    Sample tweet: "'Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.' - Mike Singletary."

    1. Jayson Stark
    2. Jayson Stark
    3. ESPN baseball reporter

    His rumblings and grumblings on baseball -- and frequent trivia questions -- make Stark's feed fun.

    1. Marc Stein
    2. Marc Stein
    3. ESPN NBA reporter

    Another newsbreaker on the NBA beat, but we particular enjoy his soccer tweets.

    1. Sweat Science
    2. Sweat Science
    3. Exercise science writer

    Fitness myths and training truths from Runner's World columnist Alex Hutchinson.

    1. Tennis Reporters
    2. Tennis Reporters
    3. Tennis writer

    Northern California-based tennis journalist Matt Cronin keeps you up-to-date on all things Federer and Serena.

    1. Janko Tipsarevic
    2. Janko Tipsarevic
    3. Pro tennis player

    The ATP veteran from Serbia is honest -- and occasionally controversial -- about life on the ATP Tour.

    Sample tweet: "I really wouldn't care at all if girls earn the same as guys if the same amount of effort is applied.#bestoffivesets."

    1. Bubba Watson
    2. Bubba Watson
    3. PGA golfer

    The self-deprecating Masters champion shares great behind-the-scenes stories from the Tour.

    Sample tweet: "Missed the cut, the last 2 days was the worst I have played all year! Got to keep practicing & learn from this! #GolfIsHard."

    1. Delonte West
    2. Delonte West
    3. Dallas Mavericks guard

    From photos to weather-related tweets ("Man a tornado just came through dis joint.....I feel like Noah Watchin over my flock."), West is a Twitter funhouse.

    Sample tweet: "Didn't need no alarm clock dis stomach woke me up....stomach tap me on my shoulder ..said excuse me kind sir...find tolet now."

    1. Dan Wetzel
    2. Dan Wetzel
    3. Yahoo! Sports columnist

    The prolific sports columnist covers everything, and tweets on the scene from major events.

    1. Ryan Whitney
    2. Ryan Whitney
    3. Edmonton Oilers defenseman

    Off-the-cuff observations on life, sports and everything in between.

    Sample tweet: "I keep hearing about all the apparent sex that goes on in the athlete village. I saw none of that in Vancouver... But I also have zero game."

    1. Candice Wiggins
    2. Candice Wiggins
    3. Minnesota Lynx guard

    Her Twitter bio sums it up: pretty. witty. girly. worldly.

    1. Steve Wilson
    2. Steve Wilson
    3. AP European sports editor

    The AP writer is a great source of Olympic-related and European sports news.

    1. Henry Winter
    2. Henry Winter
    3. Daily Telegraph (U.K.) soccer correspondent

    Winter is on top of everything when it comes to the Premier League and the fortunes of England's national team.

    1. Adrian Wojnarowski
    2. Adrian Wojnarowski
    3. Yahoo! Sports NBA columnist

    Yahoo!'s ace NBA columnist delivers a fantastic blend of analysis and breaking news stories.

    1. Metta World Peace
    2. Metta World Peace
    3. Los Angeles Lakers forward

    The Forrest Gump of sports Twitter accounts: You absolutely have no idea what you are going to get.

    Sample tweet: "If u like a wild twitter stay here. If not I should leave and Unfollow.. My twitter is not for corn buckets. Or boring people."

    1. Greg Wyshynski
    2. Greg Wyshynski
    3. Yahoo! Sports NHL blogger

    The editor of the Puck Daddy blog is a full-service resource for hockey, and asks fun questions such as "Who's your favorite fat hockey player?"

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