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The parents of Reeva Steenkamp say they will not pursue a civil claim against Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius for killing their daughter.

By SI Wire
October 15, 2014

The parents of Reeva Steenkamp say they will not pursue a civil claim against Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius for killing their daughter, reports the Associated Press.

Pistorius, 27, was found guilty last month of culpable homicide and faces up to 15 years in prison. A South African court is expected to rule on his sentence sometime this week.

Prosecutors want prison time for Pistorius, who shot Steencamp four times at his home on Feb. 14, 2013, after he says he mistook her for an intruder.

Through their lawyers, Barry and June Steenkamp said that they will pay back around $10,000 that Pistorius gave them from March 2013 to September of this year. Saying they were in "financial difficulties, the Steenkamps accepted monthly payments of $550 from Pistorius.

Pistorius’ lawyer said that he gave the Steenkamps the money "unconditionally" and didn't want it back.

"When the parents were made aware of this offer, they considered it carefully but decided, for various reasons, that they did not want any payment from Mr. Pistorius," the statement from Steenkamp lawyer Dup de Bruyn said. "This is also why we were instructed to advise that no civil claim would be instituted."

The prosecutor in the case said the Steenkamps had refused another offer of $34,000 from Pistorius, considering it "blood money." The Steenkamps say they decided recently not to pursue a civil settlement from Pistorius after his criminal trial ends.

- Scooby Axson

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