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Giannis Antetokounmpo did not have to wait long for an answer to his call to the Milwaukee Bucks front office to put him and the team in the best position to win. The Bucks delivered seven-time All-Star Damian Lillard to Wisconsin via trade, and the Greek Freak made it clear that he was ready to set his sights on another NBA championship in 2024.

“Let’s get this f--king championship,” Giannis told Lillard via text after the trade was announced, according to Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes.

Score the ball in his sleep

Giannis has had a talented cast of players with him over the last few years in All-Stars Jrue Holiday, Brook Lopez, Khris Middleton, and Sixth Man of the Year contender Bobby Portis. 

However, the Greek Freak has never had a player of Lillard’s caliber and skillset to pair up with him. Dame brings leadership, scoring ability, and playmaking that Giannis can thrive off of. His presence will open the floor up for Antetokounmpo to do what he does best: score inside the shaded lane.

“I’m excited to have Dame. He gives us a chance to win a championship. I’m excited to play with the caliber of player that he is. He can score the ball in his sleep and shoot the lights out,Giannis said.

Bittersweet moment

As ecstatic as Milwaukee is to acquire “Dame Time,” losing a championship piece like Jrue Holiday leaves a bitter taste. Holiday was the Bucks’ toughest defender, an All-Star caliber player who did not hesitate to do the hard work on both ends of the floor.

“Jrue is my f--king brother for life. I love his family. I love him. I appreciate him. I wish him nothing but the best. He blessed me with a f--king championship,” Antetokounmpo said.

“He's the one who made that huge steal in Game 5 of the Finals. I went to battle with him multiple times...This guy is my brother for life, and it's always going to be like that. He's going to thrive wherever he ends up,” Giannis concluded.