NBA Legend Blasts Anthony Edwards, Michael Jordan Comparisons

One Hall of Famer has had enough of the comparisons.
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For what feels like the entirety of Anthony Edwards' career, he's been compared to Michael Jordan. Now that Edwards is averaging 32.1 points a game in the playoffs, the comparisons have gotten really out of hand. So much so, that one NBA Hall of Famer has had enough of it.

During an episode of Inside the NBA, Charles Barkley absolutely blasted the idea of comparing Anthony Edwards to Michael Jordan any longer.

“Please America, please stop the Michael Jordan stuff," Barkley said. "This guy has had one good playoff run. I think he’s going to be a great player and he's a really nice kid. We're rooting for him."

Shaquille O'Neal then asked Barkley if Edwards was even close to Jordan to which Barkley had a simple two-word response.

"Hell nah!"

While Barkley is a major fan of Edwards, he just doesn't believe he's close to the Greatest of All-Time and that fans should just appreciate Edwards for who he is.

"Close to who," Barkley questioned. "They're both black. He not close to Michael Jordan... I love Anthony Edwards, do not do that... Why can't we just let people do they're thing and watch them?"

Even though Edward was averaging 32.1 playoff points during his fourth season, Michael Jordan was averaging 36.3 points in his fourth season. Not only that, but Jordan was averaging 45.2 points in the first round. It's time to let the comparisons die and let Anthony Edwards live.

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