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In the debut episode of Mind the Game, a podcast co-hosted by LeBron James and JJ Redick that figures to be content gold for those who love learning more about what they're watching unfold on the hardwood, a topic the two dove into was Jayson Tatum's evolution.

What they focused on specifically was his growth in reading the game, with Redick noting, "It feels like with him, the reads are quicker. Making the right play, it's just quicker. He doesn't fight the game as much."

A key point Redick notes is making the defense prove themselves. A defender squaring up with well-positioned help behind him doesn't mean the answer is a side-step three or a swing pass that accomplishes next to nothing.

Even with Maxi Kleber on the move, the play against the Dallas Mavericks shown to illustrate this point is a good example of the five-time All-Star challenging the defense and making a terrific read to create a favorable opportunity.

As much as you want to avoid turnovers and not play into the defense's hand, Tatum's skill, build, and IQ allow him to consistently get to the rim or capitalize on putting the defense in rotation just by refusing to settle and making them prove themselves.

Doing so consistently and effectively becomes increasingly paramount in crunch time in the playoffs, especially against the league's more physical defenses.

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