Former Clippers Player Shares Honest Criticism of Paul George

This might be one of Paul George's worst attributes.
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Paul George is one of the greatest players in NBA history and 9x All-Star. Unfortunately, he's also one of the worst passing point forward stars in the league - Patrick Beverley would agree.

In an episode of the Pat Bev Podcast, Paul George's former teammate compared George's passing to James Harden's. While Beverley wasn't trying to be mean, he immediately called Paul George the worst.

"Paul George is the worst," Beverley said about his passing. "The basketball, they have lines on them right, usually guys like to line the ball up, they like to put you know how you're taught. Put fingertip on black on the line and you just release it."

Beverley then added that Paul George's passes were so bad, that he had to readjust the ball anytime George passed it for a spot-up shot. Patrick Beverley was the recipient of a plethora of Paul George passes, especially during the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

"With James Harden, you never had to fix the laces," Beverley said. "They came already fixed... but with Paul George, he throw that motherf**ker, you don't know fast it is. It looks slow, but you catch it fast, and it's spinning the other way, so you got to catch it with a guy closing out on you. You gotta fix it, fix it again, then shoot it. Yeah."

Make no mistake, Patrick Beverley and Paul George are friends. Beverley loves exaggerating, but Paul George is also very widely known for being not the best passer. Still, it's very hard to find a player that's as good as Paul George, and even harder to find a player that excels at every facet of the game.

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