17-Year NBA Veteran Reveals Changes Boston Celtics Need vs Pacers

The Boston Celtics escaped the Pacers.
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The Boston Celtics defeated the Indiana Pacers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, but it was a game that Indiana absolutely choked and Boston survived. Despite coming away with a win, the Celtics should be looking to adapt heading into Game 2 - former Clippers star Lou Williams has some suggestions.

On the newest episode of FanDuelTV's Run It Back show, Lou Williams revealed what adjustments the Boston Celtics need to make heading into Game 2.

"If you're the Boston Celtics you got to play at your pace, now you got to make them play the way you want to play, which is methodical," Williams said. "Play ISO basketball. We got guys that can score the ball at a high clip. Make them take the basketball out, use the shot clock, and prolong the game that way. I think that's one of the ways that you kind of counter the way that Indiana likes to play."

It seemed like the Indiana Pacers had Game 1 all but won in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter. Through a comedy of errors and perfect execution by the Celtics, Boston figured out a way to win in overtime. What's scary for Boston though, is that Indiana still had a chance to win the game despite having 21 turnovers.

Regardless of how close Indiana was to winning Game 1, every game is it is own story in the NBA Playoffs. The Pacers blew a golden opportunity, and now the Celtics have an even bigger one to adapt.

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