The biggest talk of the NBA All-Star break hasn't been the game, it's been where will former All-Star Blake Griffin land next.

Griffin was bought out of his massive contract from the Detroit Pistons, and all hands are on deck for his next destination. It was previously reported that the teams interested in him included the: Lakers, Clippers, Heat, Nets, Warriors, Celtics, and Blazers. The betting odds for his next destination were calculated by

The current favorite to land Blake Griffin are the Brooklyn Nets, at a -500. The runner-up in acquiring Griffin are the Los Angeles Lakers with a +200. Here are all the odds listed from best to worst:

Brooklyn Nets -500
Los Angeles Lakers +200
Golden State Warriors +400
Portland Trail Blazers +600
Miami Heat +800
Milwaukee Bucks +1000
LA Clippers +1200

There have been multiple reports of the Brooklyn Nets being the frontrunners to acquire Blake Griffin, so it makes perfect sense that they'd be at the top of the betting odds. The Nets are even starting to begin letting two-way contracts expire, adding more fire to all of the rumors.

Part of the reason why the Bucks and Clippers are so low on the list is because of the fact that they don't have an open roster spot for Blake. They're the only teams that can't sign him because of the hard cap and they would have to trade a player. Neither team seems to be making any moves to spark that speculation.

Where do you believe Blake Griffin will go next?