Boston Celtics Championship Executive Joins New Organization

The Celtics have lost a key figure after winning an NBA Championship.
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The Boston Celtics have won an NBA championship, but it looks like they'll be immediately losing a key piece of their front office in the aftermath.

According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the LA Clippers have agreed on a deal with the Celtics' senior consultant Jeff Van Gundy. According to Wojnarowski, Van Gundy has agreed to become the lead assistant on Ty Lue's coaching staff as a member of the LA Clippers.

Jeff Van Gundy has not been a member of an NBA coaching staff since the 2007 season when he was head coach of the Houston Rockets. Van Gundy was the Rockets' head coach from 2003-2007 before being replaced by Rick Adelman. Since then, he's had some coaching experience with the United States national team. After that, Van Gundy joined the Celtics as a senior consultant to the basketball operations division.

Just a month ago, the Clippers lost their assistant coach Dan Craig to the Chicago Bulls. While Van Gundy isn't exactly a replacement for Craig, he's still filling a void that the Clippers just had. Last season was already championship-or-bust for the Clippers, but next season is going to be even higher pressure. It's been four straight years of Kawhi Leonard getting injured during the playoffs, but the team is definitely hoping that this will be the year that things finally change.

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