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Load management has been a term that has surrounded the LA Clippers since Kawhi Leonard's arrival in 2019. Now more accurately labeled as injury management, the concept allows teams to monitor the workload of their players, specifically veterans and those with injury history.

For the Clippers, some of this is strategic, and some of it is mandatory. In Leonard's first year with the team, he was not medically cleared to play back-to-backs. With that restriction being lifted during his second season, Leonard played in both games of back-to-back sets on several occasions.

With Leonard coming off of an ACL injury, along with veterans like Paul George, Marcus Morris, and others who have injury history, the Clippers have a plan in place to monitor the workloads of their veterans. During a recent media availability session, team president Lawrence Frank detailed this plan.

After confirming that the Clippers put a significant emphasis on depth in order to effectively manage their veterans, Lawrence Frank said, "We want to be in a position that when unfortunately guys do have injures, we still compete at the highest level... Because we have a bunch of guys in their mid-prime, there's an urgency to how we approach every day, but also at the same time, we want our guys to be able to be at their best when their best is needed, which is April, May, and June."

Speaking specially about the end of the season and the playoffs, Frank said, "To be able to give some of those heavy-load carriers [rest], to where they're not overtaxed at that time - yet there's enough continuity where there's rhythm there, so it's a fine balance."

Circling back to the team's depth, Frank said he believes the Clippers are well-suited to accomplish their goal of preserving their veterans for the season's most crucial months. The team's president of basketball operations added that there will be an individual plan in place for each player on the roster, and while it won't be mapped out months in advance, there will be a detailed plan for each player, that considers all elements of the upcoming schedule.

Led by a head coach that has proven the ability to utilize depth effectively, the Clippers are well-positioned to operate within their current vision of maintaining continuity, health, and success.

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