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On a recent edition of the Checc’n In Podcast With Big U, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green revealed his thoughts on the Lob City era LA Clippers.

"Everyone at that time was talking about how the Clippers was the next young team up, and we ain't believe that," Draymond said. 

When asked why the Clippers were perceived that way, Draymond discussed Blake Griffin's MVP-level play alongside Chris Paul and a roster that was talented; however, added that Golden State always saw that team as front-runners.

"We felt like, ya'll think these are the next young guys up? We felt like these guys are front-runners," Draymond said of the Clippers. "That's how we felt. When we beat them, they're bickering at each other... When they're winning, it's Lob City, it's all of this stuff, but when they're losing, they're bickering and stuff. They ain't really tight like that, they're front-runners. That's what we believed."

While the 2014 Lob City Clippers are still the last Western Conference team to eliminate the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs, fans missed out on the rematch in 2015 when LA blew a 3-1 lead to Houston. From that point forward, the trajectories were complete opposites for the Clippers and Warriors.

Now with both organizations expected to be in contention this season, perhaps fans can finally get another playoff series between the Warriors and Clippers. It would be absolutely electric; however, other Western Conference teams also expect to be in the mix. One way or another, it should be an exciting season.

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