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While Kawhi Leonard is still not participating in 5-on-5 action, the superstar forward was seen doing what looked like 5-on-0 runs with his teammates at UCSB. In a video posted by the UCSB Women's Basketball team, the Clippers could be seen practicing at the university's facility. There with them, seen making a step-through move and hitting corner threes, was Kawhi Leonard.

All signs point towards continuous positive progress for Kawhi Leonard and his ACL injury, with the superstar forward expected to be ready by preseason. If he can regain the form he had during the 2021 playoffs before suffering that injury, the Clippers project to be contenders once again.

Perhaps more encouraging than a brief video of his practice run, was a recent report from The Athletic's Law Murray that gave an update on the consensus surrounding Kawhi's status. In a recent article, Law wrote, "Everyone who has been around Leonard this offseason, both with the team and outside the team, have suggested that Leonard is physically ready for next season and is not carrying any mental angst that comes with a return from an ACL surgery."

Each update that comes from those around Kawhi Leonard could not be more encouraging, and this latest report is no exception. It is certainly good news that Kawhi continues to get positive reports from those around him, which signifies the lack of any setbacks. With the season still over two months away, Kawhi has time to continue regaining strength before taking the floor in game action once again.

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