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LA Clippers guard Terance Mann is one of the NBA's most frequent players on LeagueFits, and according to the rising star, Kanye West has a major influence on style around the league. In an interview with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports, Mann revealed what Kanye's influence looks like across the NBA.

"I would say definitely. Especially for the generation coming up, which is sort of my generation especially after that documentary dropped," Mann said when asked if Kanye's influence can be felt around the league. "I think that the documentary really changed a lot of people’s mindset." 

On what that mindset looks like, Mann said, "If the next guy can do it, I can do it too… So I believe just that mindset is almost like a Kobe mentality type of mindset that Kanye had while he was growing in his space, and I think a lot of people adopted that while watching his documentary. So I would say Kanye definitely is one of the most influential people."

Sports and music have always been synonymous in many ways, one of which is fashion. When asked specifically about Kanye's influence on current fashion trends around the league, Mann highlighted the transition back to baggier clothes that the Hip-Hop star has been popularizing again. 

Whether it be a mindset on the court, or fashion trends off the court, Kanye West's influence can be seen in many ways around the NBA.

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