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Terance Mann is entering his fourth season with the LA Clippers, and the team is ready to make a deep playoff run. With injuries serving as major obstacle the last two seasons, including the 2021 playoffs that saw a 39-point explosion from Mann in the round-two clincher, the Clippers understand that health is key. Mann reflected this very idea when asked during a Bally Sports interview about his predictions for next season.

"I think the West is a monster conference right now," Mann said. "I feel like it's back to where it kinda used to be. Every night it's a battle. Every night you're facing a superstar... Even when you play OKC you gotta play Shai. It's every night."

Mann continued, pivoting to health, saying that "Everybody is healthy. I can't name one star that's unhealthy right now going into next year, so it's gonna be a fight, and it's gonna be hard to get into that top-8 for anybody."

On Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, Mann said, "This is the first time since I've been here that we've started the season with them both [healthy]." When asked if he agrees that the Clippers are winning it all this year, Mann said, "I definitely agree."

The Clippers certainly project to be amongst the NBA's most legit title contenders next season, and if health permits, those on the team are confident they can win it all.

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