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The NBA world has been waiting for when Kawhi Leonard returns to a basketball court; he has not played a game since the 2021 NBA playoffs. It looks like Kawhi is one step closer to a return.

Kawhi Leonard confirmed during the Clippers media day that he will be participating in the team's training camp starting Tuesday.

"The plan is to start tomorrow at training camp," Kawhi Leonard said. "I'll be participating in training camp... Right now I feel good and the plan is to start camp tomorrow and play."

There were previous reports that Kawhi Leonard was expected to play in a preseason game this season, but nothing has been confirmed by the team yet. For Kawhi to participate in training camp is a good sign for him to play in a preseason game. Leonard himself didn't confirm whether or not he would play in a preseason game, but he essentially stated that training camp was phase one of that process.

The LA Clippers will participate in training camp from September 27 to September 29. Afterward, their first preseason game will be against the Portland Trail Blazers on October 3. They'll proceed to have two more preseason games on October 9 and October 12, before ultimately starting the season against the Los Angeles Lakers on October 20. Clipper fans will be crossing their fingers in hopes that Kawhi Leonard will be available on that day.

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