Jeanie Buss revealed some new details about Kobe Bryant potentially going to the Clippers on an "All The Smoke" teaser clip.

In 2004 and 2007, Kobe Bryant was incredibly frustrated with the Lakers and seriously considered signing with the Clippers. It's something that's become a bit forgotten about in history, and occasionally gets brought up by people who were close to him like Jerry West. 

West stated Kobe had planned to join the Clippers and that he talked the Laker legend out of it. West had two conversations with Kobe about it and did not want him to play for the racist owner Donald Sterling. 

"I remember when he was going to leave the Lakers," Jerry West said. "I've never really mentioned this to anyone. He was going to come and sign with the Clippers, who I'm now involved with as a consultant. I told him, 'Kobe under no circumstances can you do this.' He was mad at everyone at the lakers, the owner, and everyone else. I said, 'Kobe you can't go play with the Clippers. You can't play for that owner period.' We had two conversations about it. He supposedly made a commitment to the Clippers."

Jeanie Buss' new information reveals an extra level of detail to how close Kobe was to signing with their hallway rival.

Kobe Bryant becoming a Clipper is one of those things that seemed like it could have happened numerous times, but it never did. Whether it was the team failing to draft him, failing to sign him, or failing to trade for him. It's one of those things people could call destiny, but it's also why the Lakers had a history of success, and the Clippers did not.

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