JJ Redick continues to be candid about his time with the LA Clippers on his podcast, “The Old Man and the Three.

On a recent episode, Redick discussed the toxicity surrounding the Lob City-era Clippers, who were unable to make it past the second round of the playoffs despite numerous opportunities.

He asked his guest, Andre Iguodala, whose streak of six consecutive Finals appearances ended this season, what separates championship teams from the rest of the pack. As he often does, Iguodala gave a wise and measured answer.

“The really great teams, everyone was happy for everyone else’s success,” he said.

Redick responded to the observation by reaffirming what he and other former Clippers have: the chemistry was off with those Chris Paul/Blake Griffin-led teams.

“I’ve said this a million times,” Redick began. “Later on in my Clippers run, there was a sense of pettiness, and we weren’t necessarily happy for each other’s success. And I think that happens.”

Redick has spoken along these lines before, but he’s clearly not bitter about the way his tenure in LA ended. He’s had former Clippers on his various podcasts in the past, whether it be Paul, Jamal Crawford or Matt Barnes, and all of the conversations have been joyous and casual. Perhaps time heals all wounds, in addition to giving these former teammates some space to reflect on their own imperfections.

“In order to be excited for someone else’s success, you have to be willing to sacrifice something,” Redick would go on to say. 

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