Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Reggie Jackson, Terance Mann, and Luke Kennard showed up in Las Vegas to support their new rookies at NBA Summer League.

This was the first time anyone had seen the Clippers all together since their playoff run ended in the Western Conference Finals. All of the falsely created drama people created about the Clippers during the off-season seems to finally be put to rest with the whole team getting back together.

Perhaps the most important thing to note though was the fact that Kawhi Leonard didn't have a knee brace of any kind, after having surgery on his partially torn ACL. If you zoom in on the photo, you can see that there is a surgery mark on his knee. It was announced on July 14 that Kawhi Leonard had surgery on his partially torn ACL - that's about less than a month of recovery time so far.

While it's a good sign that Kawhi Leonard isn't in a brace, there still isn't any time on when he's going to return. Always expect the worst, but hope for the best when it comes to injuries. The Clippers have three solid young rookies that they drafted who could use this time to develop. Keon Johnson, Jason Preston, and BJ Boston are three bright prospects that have the support of their teammates, and a chance to grow into stars.

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