The situation in Brooklyn surrounding Kyrie Irving and his vaccination status has made public headlines for weeks. With New York City being one of the country's most restrictive areas for non-vaccinated people, Kyrie Irving is currently unable to play in his team's home game until he fulfills the vaccination requirements.

New York City recently determined that the Brooklyn Nets' practice facility, HSS Training Center, is exempt from the city's vaccination mandates due its status as a private office building. This decision cleared Kyrie Irving to practice with his team; however, the mandate remains in place for Barclays Center, meaning Kyrie is still currently unable to play in home games.

Kevin Durant recently offered his thoughts on the Kyrie Irving situation in light of New York City's decision allowing him to practice. Brian Lewis of the New York Post reported that when asked about Kyrie's newly obtained practice availability, Durant said, "We want him here for the whole thing, practices, home games, shoot arounds. Hopefully we can figure this thing out."

On the possibility of only having Kyrie for away games, Durant said, "That is always tough when guys are in and out of the lineup, especially a starter like Kyrie. I don't know what the plan is going forward right now... So keep playing and focusing on what we’re focusing on in the locker room, and once they figure it out we move forward."

Kevin Durant clearly wants his all-star guard available every day, and he also seems to understand how difficult it would be to have him in and out of the lineup on a regular basis. The only definite solution at this point is for Irving to get vaccinated; however, if he is unwilling to do so, the Nets seem prepared to make the necessary adjustments.

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