In a recent episode of CJ McCollum's "Pull Up" podcast, newly acquired Miami Heat guard, and Toronto Raptors legend, Kyle Lowry shared some detailed insight on his former teammate Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi and Lowry were teammates together for just one season, but they managed to bring Toronto their first NBA Championship in franchise history.

Everyone who follows the NBA knows that Kawhi Leonard is unique. His quiet persona and low-key demeanor often leaves people to create assumptions about him. The idea that Kawhi is much different than these common assumptions has been reinforced by several of his teammates over the years; however, Lowry recently provided fans with some pretty exclusive insight.

When talking to CJ McCollum about winning a championship alongside Kawhi, Lowry responded by saying that Kawhi often rubs people the wrong way because of the way he operates. He will demand the ball in certain situations and go get a bucket, even if other players feel that they were open. While Lowry said this approach rubs some people the wrong way, he implied that there was a level of understanding on that Raptors team that Kawhi was the best player, and they would live and die with the shots he takes. As Lowry put it, "Big dog gotta eat."

What Lowry shared about Kawhi is not dissimilar from what many teammates of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have shared about them. It is already known that Kawhi studied Jordan relentlessly in college, and he also trained with Kobe once he got to the NBA. Lowry's insight provides a closer look into how one of the game's most dominant players carries himself on the court.

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