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Kawhi Leonard says Jersey Statements don't Matter: 'It's about doing the work'

LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard says he'll continue to prioritize giving back to his community as racial injustice becomes more visible.

Now that he's arrived in Orlando, LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard is using his platform to speak out against racial injustice.

On a conference call with reporters on Monday afternoon, Leonard spoke about the NBA's jersey statements and explained why they alone are not enough.

"We've been dealing with this situation, we've been giving back to our communities," Leonard said. "I'm just going to continue to do what I've been doing, giving back to my community, educating my community, and just keep going from there... It doesn't matter if we have a statement on the back of our jersey, it's about doing the work."

Leonard also added that seeing acts of police brutality and racial injustice are "nothing new" to him and that he's going to continue to focus on educating people, including his teammates.

The league has made a push to allow players to speak out in regards to some of the ongoing issues in the United States, permitting them to wear social justice statements on the back of their jerseys and painting "Black Lives Matter" on the courts in Orlando. 

Leonard's teammate, Lou Williams, commended the NBA on Saturday for listening to players and standing alongside them. 

Leonard didn't say whether he'd wear a statement on the back of his jersey, but teammates Ivica Zubac and Rodney McGruder will each wear one in place of their last names. Zubac is going with "Enough", while McGruder will wear "Peace" on his.

The star forward also spoke about his health on Monday, stating that he "feels good" and got stronger while the season was suspended. 

The LA Clippers will play their first scrimmage game on July 22 and will take on the Los Angeles Lakers on July 30 to begin the seeding games.