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In the most on-brand way possible, Patrick Beverley revealed his favorite LeBron James moment to be the time Beverley blocked James on Christmas. When asked by Chris Haynes what his favorite LeBron moment was, Beverley pointed to that Clippers vs. Lakers matchup on Christmas, and specially that final play, as his favorite moment.

When Haynes told LeBron this, LeBron laughed and said, "What's wrong with Pat, man? What's wrong with Pat, man? Pat got problems, man. He got issues."

LeBron of course found Beverley's answer hilarious, but it shouldn't surprise anybody. This is the same player who said LeBron James and Anthony Davis would be playing with him this year, and not the other way around, since he made the playoffs last season and they didn't.

One of the most entertaining players to follow and watch in the entire NBA, Patrick Beverley is not changing who he is now that he's with the Lakers. LeBron knows this, and it's likely a large part why the Lakers went and acquired him. The team could use that level of intensity, in addition to the perfect basketball fit that Beverley will be alongside LeBron James.

While it is still weird seeing Beverley with the Lakers after he spent so much time with the Clippers, at least Clippers fans know that his favorite LeBron James moment came on that exciting Christmas night.

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