France defeated Slovenia in an incredibly dramatic game for the chance for playing the United States for a Gold Medal. While most were hoping to see a Luka Doncic vs Team USA showdown, France had something else to say about that - specifically Nicolas Batum.

With 2.7 seconds left in the game, Nicolas Batum made the game-saving block in the most dramatic fashion possible. Doncic looked incredibly frustrated postgame, screaming at a referee for a holding foul, but that didn't stop him from giving praise to Nicolas Batum.

"Nicolas is a class act," Doncic said. "He told me he hates playing against me, but in a good way. That was nice of him, he's just a class act."

Prior to facing Slovenia, Batum joked that France was going to need Kawhi Leonard in order to defend Luka Doncic, but it seems like France ultimately got the job done.

“If I could, I would bring Kawhi Leonard to cover him, but unfortunately he is not French," Batum said.

Nicolas Batum and France are now playing against the United States in the Gold Medal match. Team USA had previously lost to France at the start of the tournament, and this game is the ultimate redemption game for them. The ultimate glory is there: Beat France, redeem themselves, and win a Gold Medal. The match is on Friday, August 6, at 10:30 p.m. ET.

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