NBA Champion Makes Controversial Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant Statement

This is a question that's never been asked before.
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The Russell Westbrook era Lakers were one of the most disappointing basketball teams in NBA history. The team failed to make the NBA Playoffs despite having multiple NBA Hall of Famers. However, how good would the team be if every player was in their prime?

NBA champion Dwight Howard spoke on his Above the Rim podcast where discussed a new topic fans may have never heard before. Dwight questioned what would happen if the Westbrook-era Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Kevin Durant-era Golden State Warriors, but if both teams were in their prime?

"All of us in our prime," Dwight questioned. "Come on man, we sweeping. What is you talking about. You got me, Melo, Russ, A.D., Rondo, and Bron. We got all the rebounds. It's going sweep! How y'all going to score!"

It's very hard to say that the prime Westbrook Lakers would sweep a prime Durant Warriors. However, it's way harder to say who would actually win the series. All of the matchups line up pretty perfectly. LeBron James on Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook on Klay Thompson, Rajon Rondo on Steph Curry, Dwight Howard on DeMarcus Cousins, and Anthony Edwards onDraymond Green.

The only thing that is guaranteed between the matchup though, is that if both of those teams faced off in the eras that they were composed, the Lakers are getting swept.

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