The NCAA made negative waves this weekend for how they treated the women's basketball teams. 

Female players that were excited about being in March Madness found themselves dealing with disrespectfully small-sized weight rooms. Paul George called the NCAA out on the disrespect after the Clippers defeated the Charlotte Hornets.

For those who may not have seen the original viral video displaying the discrepancy, here it is.

George added that it was great the NCAA fixed their mistake, but that it was a "slap in the face" that they posted it.

The discrepancy between men's and women's basketball has been a hot topic for years. There have been countless illustrations showing that women have received unfair treatment. One thing that is new though, is the attention that male players are bringing to the situation. Years ago, you wouldn't see All-Star players like Paul George stepping up for their female counterparts. Paul George wasn't the only NBA player to call out the unfair treatment, he was joined by Steph Curry.

Paul George and the Clippers are in the midst of a very long homestand where they hope to solidify their position in the western conference. Their next game is against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday.

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