Russell Westbrook was the first person Paul George called after learning about Clippers trade

Farbod Esnaashari

The moment Paul George was traded to the LA Clippers, it was a shocker - there wasn't a single person who saw it coming. The first person he called when it happened was Russell Westbrook. That's how special the relationship between the two players are.

Paul George joined Kevin Hart on the Laugh Out Loud Network's "Cold as Balls" interview show, where he discussed his special relationship with Russell Westbrook. Produced by OBB Media, the show has featured a variety of NBA players, ranging from Blake Griffin to Dennis Rodman, with George being the first current Clipper on it.

That love for Rusell Westbrook is why Paul George gave him the respect of being one of the first to know about the trade.

For as much as fans like to speculate that Russell Westbrook is a toxic teammate, that seems to be far from the truth. Multiple NBA players, including Paul George, always speak highly about Westbrook being a brother. Both Enes Kanter and Austin Rivers have stated Russell Westbrook was the best teammate they've ever had.

The one ugly big breakup Westbrook seems to be remembered for is what happened with Kevin Durant, fans hang onto that more than anything. What needs to be remembered is what happened after that. Westbrook's teammates continuously say they love him, while Durant's former Warriors teammates seem to take jabs at him.

George stated he's already developing close relationships with his current Clipper teammates. Playing only 42 games, he still hasn't quite gotten to play with them as much as he'd wanted, but the chemistry is certainly growing. The NBA is a brotherhood, and the connections between players can go beyond basketball.

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Jasper 45

Was up clipper nation. My favorite player is k.leonard