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After the Los Angeles Lakers lost Game 5 against the Phoenix Suns, Snoop Dogg went on a bit of a rant about his team. Included in that rant was the statement of the Clippers being better than the Lakers.

"Never thought I'd say it but we sorry and the Clippers better than us," Snoop Dogg said on Instagram.

Stephen A Smith also said on "First Take" that Snoop Dogg texted him to get popcorn ready for a Clippers vs Nets NBA Finals. 

Regardless of whatever narratives the media may try to spin, the Clippers will never overtake the Lakers as LA's town. Seventeen championship titles are a historical amount, and that will never be replaced. Most of those narratives are almost always done disingenuously as a means of engagement bait to get a rise out of fans.

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The Los Angeles Lakers haven't lost their series yet, and the LA Clippers haven't won their series either. Any reactions to an individual game right now are purely overreactions and have to be withheld until a series is over. As it stands, the Lakers are two games away from advancing into the second round, and so are the Clippers.

The Clippers have a chance to take the lead tonight against the Dallas Mavericks in a very pivotal Game 5 against a very motivated team they bounced out of the playoffs last year.

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