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Steph Curry Breaks Down Iconic Play vs. Clippers

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry broke down this insane play vs. the LA Clippers
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Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry has one of the longest highlight reels in NBA history. Not only has Curry consistently won at the highest level, but he has done so while playing arguably the most entertaining brand of basketball ever. 

While it is hard to single out just one iconic play from Curry's collection, the star guard had a dribbling display against the Clippers in 2015 that only he could pull off. It ended in a fading three point shot that splashed through the net, and the play still goes viral to this day.

When asked about that specific play on a recent episode of The Old Man and The Three Podcast, Steph went into detail about the play, joking that he actually should have passed. Steph recalled the look on Steve Kerr's face when he not only didn't pass, but also somehow made the shot. Curry admitted that he went into autopilot on that play, and didn't even feel the defenders around him.

Curry also joked about Draymond Green pointing at Klay Thompson, who was standing wide open on the right wing. While the correct play would have been to pass the ball, Curry went into autopilot, and it's never a bad option having him shoot. While that play has been replayed for years, this is one of the first times Steph has told the full story behind it.

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