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While he may be new to the LA Clippers, point guard John Wall is an established NBA veteran. With five All-Star appearances, an All-NBA selection, and even All-Defense honors in 2015, there's very little that Wall hasn't accomplished in his 10-year career. A leader everywhere he's been, Wall gained instant respect from the Clippers locker room upon arrival.

When asked before practice on Wednesday about the leadership dynamic on this Clippers team, specifically with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, head coach Ty Lue mentioned John Wall as one of the team's leaders.

"John, he's a vocal leader," Lue said of Wall. "He talks, he engages a lot of guys... John and Marcus [Morris] being two great vets, John a perennial All-Star, and he's used to carrying that load."

Because his two best players in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are not naturally vocal, Lue was asked if he as a coach takes on more of a leadership responsibility. While Lue said that some vocal leadership does come from him, he admitted that players don't always want to hear from the coach, which is why veterans like John Wall are so important in that role.

Lue said that both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard have taken steps forward as leaders this summer, and when asked how John Wall fits into that dynamic, added that the veteran point guard gained instant respect from his star teammates.

"I think they respect him," Lue said when asked about Leonard and George welcoming Wall's leadership. "That's the biggest thing. I think when you got a guy like John, who is a perennial All-Star, does all the right things, plays the right way - I saw a stat the other day, he was 7th all-time in [assists per game], so he's gonna get guys involved. But I just think when he came into our locker room, there was instant respect. Guys respect him for what he's done and how he plays."

Without any egos, especially amongst their top talent, the Clippers had no problem adding a new vocal leader into their locker room. According to Ty Lue, it was an easy transition for Wall, who gained instant respect from his new teammates.

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