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NBA Draft Scouting Report: Arizona's Pelle Larsson

Scouting Report: Pelle Larsson

Pelle Larsson

Wing | Arizona

Height: 6'6” | Weight: 215 lbs

2024 Draft Age: 23.32

Pelle Larsson, Arizona

Prospect Profile

A skilled prospect from Sweden with a modern skillset, Larsson transferred from Utah to Arizona after his freshman season and has gradually developed into a permanent starter as of this season. 

When looking at his offensive upside, Larsson has positional size and is efficient in the pick-and-roll both as a driver and playmaker. Additionally, He is capable of attacking closeouts and his biggest X-factor is his catch-and-shoot threes. He's emerged as a much more consistent shooter off-ball and on the move, which is why talent evaluators should feel optimistic about his perimeter shot translating to the NBA. If Larsson continues to improve his consistency as a catch-and-shoot player, he'll have ample opportunities to attack closeouts. The 6-foot-6 senior does an excellent job at creating for others off of closeouts or finishing at the rim if he has space.

An area Larsson has excelled in is the pick-and-roll. Given the NBA is centered around the ability to be productive both in isolation and in screen situations, this is another positive for his long-term upside on the offensive end. He's patient off the pick-and-roll and is capable of making passes to cutters, rollers, and even manipulates defenses with his eyes at times to get the ball to strongside corners or opposite wings. 

While Larsson isn't a player who's likely to create for himself in the NBA, he's shown the capability of getting downhill when given even just a sliver of space off a pick-and-roll. He gets through show coverage without much trouble and also has the downhill power to get through drop defenders to finish at the rim once he has space. Lastly, Larsson has shown the quickness to drive past defenders who are flat-footed or try to prepare their position early on screens — allowing him to reject the screen and get a bucket.

Overall, Larsson has the potential to fulfill the role of a secondary ball-handler at the NBA level. Keeping his catch-and-shoot numbers high this season, especially guarded catch-and-shoot threes, will allow him to be inserted in a multitude of lineups as a stationary shooter who can attack closeouts. Additionally, the potential he's shown as a passer off of closeouts and in the pick-and-roll could lead to him fulfilling a secondary ball-handler role within a year or two in the league.

Defensively, Larsson has the size to defend multiple positions, as he has the build of a wing but possesses the footspeed of a guard. His ability to showcase upside on that end in the pre-draft process will only enhance his stock.

Larsson is originally from Sweden, with basketball pedigree as his father played professionally in their home country, and his older brother played college basketball as well.


Draft Projection

Potential Second-Round Pick in 2024 NBA Draft.

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