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NBA Draft Scouting Report: UConn's Tristen Newton

Scouting Report: Tristen Newton

Tristen Newton

Guard | UConn

Height: 6'5” | Weight: 195 lbs

2024 Draft Age: 23.15

Tristen Newton, UConn

Prospect Profile

After spending time at East Carolina, Newton took his talents to UConn and immediately became a starter who helped lead the Huskies to a title in the 2022-23 season. Now in year two in this program, he’s once again looking like the player that produced 17-5-5 in last season at ECU, but this time on a much bigger stage. Coming back for one more season with the Huskies has paid dividends, as Newton has really taken on a bigger role and proven he has gotten even better.

With solid size for a natural lead guard, Newton has unique playmaking upside. While he doesn’t project to be a primary core piece at the NBA level, there’s a clear path to him being a quality combo guard off the bench one day. Whether a team needs him to play backup point guard or operate as a spark plug scorer as a reserve, he can do it. Newton is the type of player that doesn’t have to score to impact the game, but certainly has the ability to

A triple-double threat, Newton is a primary scorer for Huskies, while also leading the team in assists and being among the best rebounders on the roster despite being a guard. He does a little bit of everything and has a tremendous impact on winning. He needs to improve his 3-point consistency, but given his mechanics and reliability from the free throw line, there’s reason to believe his shot will translate fine in the NBA. As a defender, Newton has shown some peskiness on-ball, but has more he needs to show on that end moving forward. 

Newton withdrew from the 2023 NBA Draft and will now enter the 2024 NBA Draft with a stronger resume and case to teams. He took on a larger role and has thrived for UConn in his final college season. He has an athletic family, with an older brother who played several seasons at the college level. He is also the cousin of Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones and former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Alvin Jones. 


Draft Projection

Potential Second-Round Pick in 2024 NBA Draft.

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