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There are three major historical events that caused a dramatic increase in the human population. The Agricultural Revolution, the end of World War II, and Sleepy Brown's musical career. 

Since the early 1990s, Sleepy Brown has dutifully created the playlist for all our dates and nights out. But to call him an Atlanta legend is still selling him short. The Dungeon Family member has a timeless sound that results in effortlessly cool music that transcends eras.

With a catalog of hits that rivals any living artist, Sleepy Brown and Big Boi only added to their legacy by creating one of the best albums of 2021, Big Sleepover. The funky masterpiece is guaranteed to make you smile and have fun. Earlier this week, I spoke with the hoops fan and sleepover enthusiast about the Hawks and music. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

You just completed a project with Big Boi, the Big Sleepover. Can you tell me what that experience was like?

Kind of the same experience we have every day, man. It was really simple. It was an idea we thought of when we were on the road performing with him. Playing beats, and kind of look at each other, like 'Man, that's a hot beat.' We just kind of decided, man, it's about time for us to do an album. It was just that easy.

I really like the song "Sucka Free" with Killer Mike. What's your favorite song off the album?

Oh man, it's hard. Wow. I would have to say, "Do Ya Best." I'm a little older, so you know, I like smooth ****. So that's probably one of the smoothest records off the album. That's what I like about the album. It goes hard, and then it goes beautiful. It's a great mix. 

Who is on your Mount Rushmore of Atlanta rappers?

I'm not going to put them in numbers. First of all, I can't do Big Boi and 'Dre as individuals, so I'm going to do Outkast. Future. T.I. Killer Mike. Jeezy. But I got put Migos. For me, it's more than five. You got Young Thug, all these other brothers that I really like a lot, and I'm really satisfied with what they're doing with the Atlanta sound.

Everybody knows you now because you're Sleepy Brown. But can you remember the first celebrity that had you starstruck?

Yeah man, Michael Jackson.

Wow. Can you tell me more about that meeting?

It really wasn't a meeting. It's kind of embarrassing. We working in L.A., and they didn't tell me Michael Jackson was in the building. Michael Jackson was down the hall, and there's a little game room by him. So I went down there playing pool. And you know how you see somebody with your peripheral vision?

I saw him, but I didn't think it was him. I'm not trying to sound crazy, but I thought it was a white woman holding her baby. Michael Jackson had real long hair and porcelain skin. So he watched me play pool for like 5-10 minutes. So I had to put the pool stick up and walk right by him to go back down the hall, bruh.

So, I looked over to the left and saw them big eyes. I just said, "OH ****!" (laughs). Michael Jackson jumped back in the door, keeping the door closed. I was like, 'Aye, bruh, I'm sorry. I just didn't know I was going to see you.' When I saw Michael Jackson, it was like seeing a live statue or an anime cartoon. I've never seen a brother look like that. It was fly but really spooky.

I know you're a big-time Hawks fan. Do you think they're going to turn it around and make it work this season?

Man, I'm hoping so. I like the fact that De'Andre [Hunter] is back. Of course, I love Trae [Young]. I'm keeping up with them, but hopefully, they can. Because Trae really took us deep into the playoffs last year, and everybody was surprised at how great they were. So, I do think it can happen again.

You mentioned De'Andre and Trae. Is Trae your current favorite Hawks player?

Yeah. You got to love 'Ice.' I love them all, but I think 'Ice' is the most exciting one to watch. You don't know what he's going to do. He's got the soft touch (lay-up motion), the three, the alley-oop, you never know. It's just very entertaining. But he's never hollered at us. Never hollered at Organized Noise, Dungeon Family. 


Yeah, he hangs with the Migos. But shoutout to the thing he did with Jermaine [Dupri]. I love those shoes. He and Jermaine did a shoe collaboration that was really fly. But if you ever talk to Trae, tell him to holler at the Noise. 

I'll try to put in a good word. Alright, man, last question. What's next for Sleepy Brown in 2022?

I came out with my own cigar line, Sleepy Brown Mocha flavor cigars. You can get them at Privada Cigar Club. They're selling really well. Also, I'm working on a solo album. 

Interviewing Sleepy Brown is definitely an experience I will never forget. Huge thanks to the icon for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with me. We need to make sure we support Sleepy Brown as much as he helps the city of Atlanta. And let's hope the die-hard Hawks fan gets to enjoy another deep playoff run this season.

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