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It's silly to get worked up over players' ratings in a video game. That is until you lose on a last-second shot because an opposing player's outside shooting attributes just received a boost. Now you're mad and have a broken controller.

Today, 2K Sports announced new ratings for several NBA players. Five Atlanta Hawks players got adjusted. All but one player either stayed the same or improved. See the latest ratings for yourself below:

The one that jumps out the most is Trae Young finally getting to the 90 overall threshold. Other notable players with an overall rating of 90 are Damian Lillard, Ja Morant, Devin Booker, and Rudy Gobert. According to the 2K website, Young is the 15th best current player in the league.

In a statement released today, 2K Sports said the following about Young.

"Ice Trae keeps the ball on a tight leash, weaving around and through defenders at will, and he’s a lethal long-range sniper. In five straight games this season, Young posted 30 points or more, leading his team to victory four out of five matchups. Young is developing into the superstar many thought he could be during his days at the University of Oklahoma. After leading his squad to the Eastern Conference Finals last year, fans are realizing he’s the leader the Atlanta Hawks need and one of the shining talents around the league. Young has already earned one all-star nod and he should earn several more before his career is all said and done. Appreciate the rise of the next great NBA star."

Still no comment from Young on this matter. He has voiced his complaints with the video game franchise on everything from his player's rating to appearance. Honestly, I can't blame him for his frustration.

We could easily spend all day debating ratings and gameplay. So, how do you feel about the new ratings? Sound off on our social media links below.

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