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Miami Heat's Kyle Lowry On Dealing With Issue That Kept Him Away From Team: "I'm Still Dealing With It."

Lowry says tending to personal matter last year `derailed' his season

Last year Kyle Lowry dealt with a personal matter that kept him away from the Miami Heat for various stretches. 

While Lowry has yet to disclose the issue, he said the matter affected him throughout the season and is still something he deals with. 

"I'm still dealing with it," Lowry said while speaking at a charity golf event for the Nick Nurse Foundation in Toronto. "It's a situation where when it's better, I'll talk about it more. It was definitely something that kind of derailed my whole season and it kind of kept me derailed for a long time. To this day, it's still something I deal with every single day. I actually got a phone call just now about it. It's life. Life happens. You just have to continue to get better and focus on the things that you can control and try to help as best as you can. At the end of the day, I can't do this or that. All I can do is go to the people that can help me."  

Lowry said the key is being able to balance focusing on his personal life and basketball. 

"You got to be strong-minded," Lowry said. !And you've got to be able to say, `Ok, this is one thing but when I get out here and am able to do this other thing, let me turn it off for a little bit.' It's very tough because soon as you've done the activity or whatever you're doing to take your mind from the other thing, it's right back to it." 


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