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Knicks Should Focus on Trade for Kevin Durant, Not Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell is an All-Star caliber player, but the New York Knicks should be aiming for Kevin Durant, who is an all-time great.

As much as the New York Knicks love the idea of trading for Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell, they should set the bar even higher, especially if Utah GM Danny Ainge refuses to come off of his substantial asking price.

With the Knicks being hesitant to give up what is reportedly required to get Mitchell, why not turn around and make a godfather offer to the Brooklyn Nets for Kevin Durant? If you're going to give up the farm, you might as well give it up for a player who is an all-time great instead of a player that only at the All-Star caliber level.

Yes, Durant will turn 34 years old before the 2022-23 NBA season begins, but like LeBron James, who is a timeless marvel, he's still very much in his prime. Last season, Durant averaged 29.9 points, 7.4 rebounds and 6.4 assists per game while shooting 51.8 percent from the field, including 38.3 percent from deep and 91 percent from the free-throw line.

Although Mitchell is eight years younger, a trade for Durant would open the Knicks' championship window immediately, whereas it would be up for debate with Mitchell. If the Knicks wanted to make a real run at Durant, this is the trade package they should offer the Nets:

Knicks receive: Kevin Durant

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Nets receive: Julius Randle, R.J. Barrett, Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley, seven of the eight first-round picks the Knicks are capable of trading and two pick swaps

Taking a chance on an aging superstar is always risky, because you never know when that player will start to decline. However, if the Knicks want to become legitimate title contenders as soon as possible, they need to push in all the chips for Durant. What the Knicks have to offer still might not be enough for the Nets, but it's an offer that, at the very least, should be officially made.

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